Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hello My Loving Wonderful Family. Merry Christmas!

Dear Family, 

I have one request for Christmas, I ask that you watch the Bethlehem episode of Top Gear. I was thinking of all the good times we have had together during the past holidays. I sure do love  my family!! I am glad that we are all such good friends. Anyways, here is how my week went. 

We had our ward party on Friday. It was a blast and so so funny! Our ward hired a magician to perform for an hour. He was more of a clever prankster than a magician, but he was super funny. He even had me and my companion participate in the show. He called me up first and took my companions ring and put it in my hand and then had me close my hands. He then grabbed my wrists and told me that the ring would switch to my other hand. He then started to dance with me... IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WARD.  You dont even know the thoughts going through my mind! Hahaha. After he stopped dancing he asked me what time I thought it was. I answered and he asked me how I knew for sure, I looked at my watch only to find out that it was gone! He stole my watch while dancing. HAHA, I didnt even notice because I was thinking about the ring in my hand.  He called Sister Rocha up at the end of the show. (Boy was it funny) He walks up to her chair and starts saying that they have been looking at each other all night... he then touches her face and says that there exist feelings between them. I busted out laughing. You should have seen her face. Hahaha :) It was so funny! 

So these last two weeks, we have not had running water in our house because of the tests they are doing at the stadium for the world cup.  That was fun, dirty dishes every where, not being able to make food... We took very few showers those two weeks too. We have two shower heads in our bathroom, one is the water from the street and the other is the reserve tank on top of our house. So we showered with our reserve water. You wont guess what happend next! By the time we got our water back, we were so thankful we decided to wash our clothes, because ALL of them were dirty. We started a load on saturday and ran to the store to grab something. When we came back we heard this loud racket coming from inside. Our first thought is that someone is robbing us! We start to look for the door keys and concluded that the noise was our washing machiene. When we finally found the keys we run inside and see the washing machiene jumping around the room. It unpluged itself from the wall it was jumping around so hard. So now we dont have a washing machiene. We plugged it in and recorded it on my companions camera to see what was going on. It was pretty crazy. Thankfully we have a member who is letting me use her washing machine. :D

I am learning so much! I am really beginning to understand the love our Heavenly Father has for all of His children and how I can have that same love too. It was tough at first, but my Father in Heaven has been helping me immensely this week. :) Going to the temple this week really helped too! 

For our Christmas conference we all went to CIGS. It is an army training base here in Manaus. The have a lot of jungle that they do special forces training in. I read about it in the New York Times before coming here, but I never thought I would actually get to visit it. The U.S. Army sometimes sends people to take the training here. They gave us a little class on how to catch snakes. It was cool, after they let some of the missionaries try and catch a snake. I wanted to but there were so many other people that wanted to also, I just thought to myself.. I can do this all the time at home. lol.

So my friend Raisa was talking with us the other day. I told her that I had bough shark tooth earrings and she questioned me if they were really shark teeth. I told her they were, because I know what shark teeth look like. She just laughed and proceeded to tell me,"You know Chatwin? Your attributes are turn-offs, but they are endearing to me." Haha. We are great friends. She will be serving in the Joao Pessoa mission. After her mission she is going to try and come study in the states at one of the church colleges.

We got to watch the Christmas Devotional yesterday. We sat by our DL's and they had a member come sit by them. They told me that when he walked over I should say freaking flamers. Apparently that is the only thing he remembers how to say in english that he learned on his mission. Anyways he was talking to the Elders and then started to walk away, so I looked down and said in a serious tone Freaking Flamers! He was so shocked and them we all just laughed for a few minutes. It was great.

During the Christmas Devotional I was thinking of the reason so many people are willingly happy and willingly serve others this time of the year.. I conluded that it is because they embrace the light of Christ within them. We choose to williningly put off the natural man, and be like children. Helping where we see help is needed and many other types of things.  But after Christmas, this worldwide unity seems to go away and we choose to embrace the natural man again.  These thought reminded me of a talk by President Ucthdorf where he said that one of the biggest regrets that people have is that they wish they let themselves be happier. 

It is our choice to be happy in this life. We are most truly happy when we are following the will of our Father in Heaven. Our lifes are not easy and we will always have so many trials, so people will have more than others, but we are blessed when we have the knowlede that trials are what help us learn. When we choose to be happy and embrace the light of Christ in us and accept the divine help and guidance we can recieve from the Holy Ghost we will feel a great burden lifted from our shoulders and once again feel that great peace and love from our Father in Heaven. 

It is hard to believe that Christmas is this week! It is so hot here! My chacos tan is pretty sweet!

As for skyping, we are having lunch at Bishop's house around 1:30 or 2:00, so we will probably get to skype between [I'm guessing] 2-4. It is hard because I dont have a set time, so I guess just have skype open and be looking for me to get on! My name is srchatwin, if you don't remember.

I love you all so much and I really am excited to talk with you all again!

Hugs and Kisses, 
Sister Chatiwn

*sorry I missed your email today, we got on earlier than we have been. Or maybe you all are busy and forgot, but either way it is okay because we get to skype this week too! 


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Love Sister Chatwin

Hello dear wonderful family! 

So I will start off by telling you all about my week and answering mom and dads email. 

So mom, my ears are healing just fine. I am cleaning them like the lady told me to every day. I am not taking any chances on letting them get infected. 
Sister Rocha and I went into the center again. I bought some neat shark tooth earrings that a hippie made. I cant wait to show them to you. The hippies here are pretty cool and fun to talk to. 

Anyways, on our way back from the center we were talking with a few people about The Book of Mormon. We saw a bus that we knew we had taken before and got on it, we got on this one because we missed the last one. Well that turned into a two hour bus ride because it did not pass by our house like we thought. We ended up in the garage and got on another bus that was just leaving that would go close to our house. That is the very funny reason why I am just now getting to email you all!

I caught a medium sized green iguana with my hands the other day! It was about the same size as the one we had that was warrens pet. We didnt have our cameras with us so we let it go. Only to have the great idea that we should have kept it and given it to our goofy zone leader for christmas. 

I havent gotten your package yet, only because we only get our letters and stuff when we have zone training. Tomorrow is our Christmas conference, so I could have a possibility of getting it then. Christmas conference should be fun. President takes us to go do fun things, we are going to the zoo! The bus for all the missionaries leave at 6 in the morning, so while we will wake up early, other missionaries will be waking up even earlier. We are lucky to live so close to the chapel. 

I wrote in my planner that this was the week of bare. Bare is a type of soda derived from guarana that is only made here in Manaus. I think that by wednesday, Sister Rocha and I had drinken at least 5 liters of Bare in the houses of various members. I have never drinken so much soda in my life. 

Sister Rocha and I have wrapped a whole bunch of Books of Mormon along with the Joy to the World dvd. We are going around with some members each night and carroling to their neighboors. We sing a christmas hymn and the give them a christmas present that has an invite to our Mega Reuniao de Integracao de Natal which is Friday. We are having a lot of sucess. It was hard to get things started, but, the members are helping us a lot more. Something which is hard to do in this ward. It is a really good thing and we are very happy that things are starting to change. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. 

Speaking of which, we had our cantata at the temple this last week. A whole bunch of people were there to listen to different choirs from different stakes sing christmas songs at the temple. All the missionaries in Manaus got to go and sing a song. It was a lot of fun! Our zone gets to go to the temple on Wednesday, as always I will be putting names on the prayer roll. 

I love you all so much and I hope that all goes well with Remmington. I want a picture of him in his cool new brace, if mom decides to go with it.  

A Nissan Leaf! That is pretty cool, an ELECTRIC car. You should send photos! I am glad that things are going so well for you all! I am so happy that Ryan only has a fat head.

As for talking on Christmas, we can only use skype and the mission presidency here in Brasil said that we can only talk for 40 minutes. So, Sister Rocha and I will be going to the Bishops house after lunch to skype with our families. So in the evening works better, let me know next week ... I will try and get a better idea too....

Anyways I love you all!!! SO SO VERY MUCH! Feliz Natal! 

Sister Chatwin

Here is a translation of a quote I liked from General Conference
 Perserverance is an important principle that we find in the Doctrine of Christ. It is important because the quality of our eternal future is proportional to our capacity to perservere in righteousness. 

Keep doing good in the world and share the Christmas Spirit!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Short letter from Sister Chatwin this week, so I'm throwing in the one from her mom to help hers make more sense.

Hi Nana!

We love you.  Matt and Ashley are taking the discussions with the Claremore sisters!  They are coming for dinner Friday.  They will need lots of prayers.  She believes in something- but is not sure what God has ever done for her.  They both have had lots of struggles in life.  She is due in Feb. sometime.

Snow day on Friday and Monday.  Ugh we we are using the up fast and it is not even christmas.  Low is 19 high was 34.  Ice on the roads.  

Ryan has a big week.  Cat scan for his ear, monday.  Tuesday temple recommend.  Wed. eye doc.  Thurs. cyst removal operation.  Fri.foot doc for inserts. Prayers are welcome.

How is your new companion? Where is she from.  What did you do for fun this week?  who did you teach?  Do you have a time for skyping?  we may try to do the following...
"I was giving a great suggestion about Google Hangout that's like Skype but free from another mother from this group last year. The only thing you both need is a gmail account and you can add up to 10 people for the video chat. " 
This way we can talk to everyone and practice with Ryan for mothers day etc.

You do have a gmail right??

School is busy.  I have a lazy bunch of APES students.  They just don't want to do anything.  Bums.  But I do have several gems in there.  It is fun to watch them grow up.

Ryan is starting to really look the missionary part.  We have been getting his clothes in, suits, in.  So I was able to play dress up with him today.  What a hottie!

Remmi's wrist had a buckle fracture.  But he is healing fast.  I wish I could be a gecko on your wall and watch what was happening in your life.  Tell me stories.  

We have been teasing Tiger about a girl... that he likes.  And he throws the biggest fits.  But... Grandma Simmons said.... did you ever tease Savy??  He said no... we called him on it... So G-ma says you are getting what you deserve!!  HAHAHA.  Every bit the Stratty strutt... and still not as bad as he teased you.

It is expensive to send off you kiddos.  Ugh... so much to buy. And do.

Do you have your package?? let me know when it arrives.  Aunt Heather is also sending you one.

The Zachary Baird is no longer going to serve in Brazil.  They have officially called him to the Ohio area.  You are one blessed Sister to have made it to the CTM before you left!!  The Lord really had need of you immediately down there.  Just keep your head up... look for beautiful things (and bugs). And love Heavenly Fathers children.  

Are you the senior companion?  are you teaching a greenie?  How is the language this week?  We are so excited for you.  What was tough this  week??  I cannot help you if you don't tell me.

We really love you and know that your serving the Lord with all your might!

Love ,

Sounds like you are having a busy life. Its good! 

This week was fun. I have the COOOLEST companion in the world... well in the mission anyways. Want to know why she is the coolest? Today for p-day she convinced me to get my ears piereced. I bought some cool earrings that the injus made. And I bought some cool fox ones... :D

CHRISTMAS. So we will be skypeing you from the bishops house on the 25, probably in the afternoon. We will try and get a set time this week. I do have gmail, but my missionary account doesnt allow me to use the video etc. So I dont know if the gmail thing will work... I will talk about it with some people. I am excited to talk with you all so soon! We ( the missionaries in Manaus) are going to be singing in front of the temple on saturday. I am excited. As for packages, I havent gotten it yet. I will let you know as soon as I get it. :) 

TIGGY DESERVES THE TEASING. GO GRANDMA! lol :) It sounds like you all had a wonderful time with the family. I am glad you got to spend a lot of time with your mommy!

Sister Rocha.... been out for nine months.  Totes not a greenie. Bem legal.... yup, shes cool. :) Nah, she lived in the states for some time, speaks english.. like a BOSS. We get along great. We eat alot, and our room is a creative  mess right now.. but life is good. :) :) SO SO HAPPY. We bought a small christmas tree, decorated our house, bought a little baby doll and took some grass..weeds that we found on the side of the road to make a manger. :)

What time do you think will work best for talking on christmas?? Let me know so we can plan this better.

I love you alll so much!! 

We dont have internet today, so we are borrowing Terezas computor. 

Ciao, Tchau...
Sister Chatwin

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving in the Rockies

Hello dear family!! 

Sorry that I am late writing to you! Today has been a busy day! 

Transfers, I am staying here in Flores for my third transfer... although I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Rocha. She was born in Brazil, but lives in the USA. It looks as though we will have a lot of fun together. 

This last week was tough. Sister Freitas was deffinitely a learning experience. We sure had our rough spots, but my faith, love and paitence sure have grown a lot. :)  

I met Sister Lomonte today, she was a roomate of Stacy Kneibs. It sure is a small world. 

hmmm...ah ha. What is the portuguese name for pirhanna? Pacu? If so I have eaten it various times here without realizing it. 

I sure do love you all alot. Like really a lot! I sure do miss you all. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Colorado with the Family! I wish I could have been there but... I am here in Brazil. :) I spent the day watching the Elders that are leaving prepare to go home. Time sure does pass fast here, and I pondered on the thought of the day when I will return home. It is a  strange thought. 

I am excited to stay in Flores. The area is difficult with baptisms and stuff for this mission, but I am fine with it. I get to spend Christmas here with people I know. Also, all of the missionaries here in Manaus will get to sing in the missionary choir in front of the temple for Christmas. I think this is one of the reasons I am excited to stay here. We will get to eat Christmas lunch in the house of Irma Tareza. :) She is like a mom to us. 

This week Tareza´s grandson went with his grandpa to buy an ice cream cone. We ran into him on our way out and he proudly asked if I wanted to try it. I said no, he then practically shoved the ice cream cone in my face and said that I did want to try it. It was very funny!

We were having a short lesson with our Recent Convert and he asked that I say the closing prayer in English. For your information he speaks Spanish and is currently learning Portuguese, so it is a mixture of languages right now. I am proud to say that my English (in my opinion) is horrible.  I recognized that I am thinking mostly in Portuguese now. Good luck when I skype you all for Christmas.

Also, I gave my camera to the husband of Tareza. They should both be your friends on facebook... Anyways he is slowly sending my pictures to you! Sister Freitas was using the computers here in the internet cafe to send pictures and her camera got 6 viruses. 

Anyways I love you all so so so much and am so very anxious to talk with you again! I am excited to. We live right by the office here, so there shouldn´t be a delay with recieveing packages. :) Speaking of which, a quick shout-out to the mother of Sister Morales! HELLO <3 

I am loving my mission and learning lots! It sure is a different way of life, but I love it oh so very much. Sometimes I forget and let the adversary into my mind and think about if this is what I really want to do, but then I remember in my mind that my life will be in the service of the Lord. This is the work I want to do, this is the work I love. Forget yourself and go to work!

Its so speacial that Ryan was able to recieve the Melchezideck preisthood in Grand Junction. Parabens!


Ahh the memories that are coming to my mind right now. These are all things that we will have to do when I return next January. :) Hicking, spending time with family, seeing the sights around Colorado. :) I love you all so much! Sorry I didn´t have much time today, but next week I will have a full two hours to email you all. :D :D
-Sister Chatwin

Monday, November 25, 2013

82 Degrees vs. 30 Degrees

Hello Family!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Ha! I saw a billboard for the second movie here in Manaus. Cool stuff.

As for chilly, I am contemplating on the funny aspect that I will return in the middle of winter after living in this incredible heat for a year and a  half. It is ironic that it is always hotter than hot after a good rain here. 

Transfers are the end of this week. If I am getting transfered to another state, I will find out on Saturday. If I am staying here or moving to somewhere relatively close I will find out on Sunday. It is exciting to think about... 

These past few weeks have been slow, but things are looking up now. We had a baptism scheduled for last Saturday, but when we went to pick up our investigator his dad and grandma  had changed their minds and are not allowing him to go to church or be baptized anymore. Its difficult, but I look to the future with high hopes. Our investigator is 17, so he only has to wait a year. One thing I have learned is that the Lord has a hand in every part of this work. Because of this, I dont worry when things like this happen. I just continue to do what I can. As it says in Isiah, the Lords ways are not our ways. 

I wrote Ryan a letter this week and included a present I made for him! I will be sending it today! I am so so so excited for him to be serving a mission. 
My present is covers to a planner. Everyone decorates their planners here and I was given some good contact paper this week. I used it to make special covers for Ryans first planner! Really I am so super excited!! I wish I could be there to watch him open it!

Say hello to the family this week!! Give everyone giant hugs from Brasil! Make sure and take pictures too! I love seeing them! I still think it is funny that our huge dogs think that they are lap dogs. They are too cute not to let them sit on you. Colorado, Family, I will be so happy to see and visit with all of them in a year! Make sure and eat extra for me at the stuff your stomach feast!

Our Heavenly Father Blesses us every day! This I know. I am glad that He is blessing my family so much. Drive safe this week! And enjoy the cold air and the snow and everything else that is a lovely part of this earth!

Love love love love you! 
Sister Chatwin

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's a Beautiful Monday!

Email to Shannon:

We had a baptism yesterday, Fernando. We met him last Sat. taught him all the lessons and he was baptized yesterday. We have several others that we want to be baptized, but are just waiting for them to make the time or go to church. 

I am glad that you have invited someone to take the lessons, the principles in the gospel can truly change the life of a person.  :) I hope that she stays well. Of course you will have fun, you love helping people! 

Transfers are the first of December. I believe that the Sisters are in all four states of our mission. There are two different states that the transfers are by plane. Presidente Klein is money concious and so most of the transfers are by bus. Things might change when we get a new mission president next july, but you never know. It is a good thing to be saving a lot of money. :) I want to serve in the area of tefe, but right now it looks like only Elders serve there. 

Yes, we have food in our house! Mission office last week, didnt have internet so we didnt recieve our money until a few days ago. But I always have extra money in the house incase things like this happen. :) You should never have to worry about me!

I am excited for Christmas. Many people here already have their christmas trees up. We sing christmas songs, and our last few family home evenings have had a christmas theme. I made a christmas tree for our house using the mormon ads in the liahona magazines. :) I love looking at it every day, it is huge! I can't wait to send you all my pictures! :) :) Its good to know that nothing is wrapped, now I will have to wait if it arrives early. I doubt it will too, but hey, you never know! 

Give my love to the family this thanksgiving, and make sure to eat a lot at the stretch your stomach feast! :)

Email to Kevin/Family:

I am doing well today! :) I think that I have that same picture here with me in Brasil! I keep a picture of warren's wedding on my desk and one of you and mom in your tye dye shirts. :) :) I love seeing your smiling faces every day! :) It is week 5 in transfers and only one more week to go. I am excited to see what will happen!! Long story short, at the end of my first transfer here Sister Klein went to a doctors appointment for Sister Freitas with us. She asked me there if I thought I was ready to teach the language. Of course I said no, because my grammer is still awful, but she said that she thought I was ready. SO... whatever happens next transfer I am ready for it. I have trust and faith in the Lord. That is one thing that Ryan will learn on his mission. You will have many oppourtunities to do new things. All you need is confidence in yourself and in the Lord. He will have many oppourtunities to learn new things and strengthen his faith. I was listening to a talk last night, the speaker was talking somewhere along the lines that we all desire for our faith to grow and to increase, but that cannot happen until we decrease the fear we have. I know this is true. Learn to fully trust in the Lord. Don't fear your trials, but welcome them as new challenges to help you gain the desired increase of faith. :) :)

I love you lots! Yesterday we had a baptism!  We met him last saturday, and taught him all the lessons this past week. The work is fast here. Sister Freitas and I have several other investigators that we would like to be baptized, but are just waiting to make the decision or find the time to come to church. It is very important in this work that you remember what you are teaching and you live what you teach too. This is the Lord's work, not ours. 

Funny story: This week we had some visitors at our house. Unwelcome visitors. HUGE SPIDERS. I'm not joking, they are huge here. The first one was the biggest, I wish I had gotten a picture of him, but alas that was impossible. He was waiting for us outside our door. I proceeded to try and scare it away, because my companion was panicking. Bad idea. He ran onto our door and hid in the crevice of the window. Sister Freitas was royaly mad with me then. I went to get the broom to scare it out of hiding, but I was denied that privelige by Sister Freitas. She was afraid that it would crawl through the crevase in the door and then hide somewhere in our house. ( Please know that this was a big spider and even a small spider couln't crawl through this crack) Anyways, respect your companions. She proceeded to call a member and ask her what to do, then started to cry because of the anxiety. Meanwhile I stood and waited while she decided to get the man who lives beneath us to come up and scare it away. The next night we had a slightly smaller spider inside our house. This time I took a picture first and then let her call the man to come and kill it for us.  :)

Saturday we got to eat at the pexaria do juvenal. I was in heaven eating fish. :) Tambaqui, is an especially yummy fish. :) If you have the chance to visit after the mission we will have to eat some fish! :) 

I am looking forward to the package that mom sent! I am anxious to see what is inside! :) 

Sounds like mom had another fun weekend with the kids. :) I sure do miss doing these fun things.

I am sending some letters today! One for the family, Sarah Hatch, and Auntie Beth. The one for Beth has letters for heather, laurel and bruce inside. I figured I would just send them all in one envelope. They were written with the intent of arriving for before thankgiving, but I don't think that they will get there in time. Oh well. 

This past week the mission office didn't have internet, henceforth we didn't have anymoney. We learned the importance of always having an emergency fund for when things like this happen. I related our experience to the parable of the Ten Virgins. I   have had an emergency fund since day one here, buy my companion does not. It is an important lesson we can apply to our lives. There will always be those who are unprepared or who find themselves in need. Henceforth, it is important to be in a position where you can supply for your needs and then spare a little to help others who are in need of help. 

:) :) :) :) :) :) : ) :)  Again I am forever greatful for the oppourtunity that we had to visit wonderful Nauvoo. So many special feelings about this vacation! I love the pictures that I have and the many examples of  sacrifice for the knowledge of the gospel. Which reminds me, mom, Shonnie is availiable to "talk" family history anytime you want! 

:) I love you all so much and I am very excited to talk with you all during christmas! :) :) 

Sister Chatwin

Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Way Too Early Monday Morning (~4:15 AM)

Hello loving family! 

First off, we got rain rain and more rain this week. Sister Freitas and I always have a fun time when we get caught in the middle of a rainstorm. :) It always happens that she forgets her umbrella too! We try and share, but inevitalbly get soaked. It rains like nobody´s business here. The thunder is earth shaking and I just love the storms. :) :) 

Ha, that is funny. I think you changed the phone number just a few days before I left. I have it written down now. :) Transfers will be the first of December. So there is a possibility that I will be in a new area for Christmas. We had splits this week with the sister training leader for our area, she thinks that I will be training this next transfer. Every one is really impressed with my portuguese and thinks that I am ready to teach it. Personally I think I could use more time to learn more of the grammatical parts of the language, but all in all it is in the Lord´s hands. :) 

It was funny this week talking with Irma Tareza. We had stopped by her house to drop off one of our bags, so everything we had didnt get soaked, and stayed to have a little snack. Turns out the power was out and we ended up staying there for a few hours, because our next appointment was a family home evening and they didnt have power either. It was dark outside and its not safe to be walking through the streets in the middle of a black out. Anyways, Irma Tareza was saying that I am different than all of the other American missionaries. I like all of the different foods and eat everything they give me. It´s true. Sincerely I don´t think that I have eaten one thing I dont like here. Yes we eat a lot of beef and chicken and hardly eat any fruit, but its all good. Beef and Chicken still arn´t my favorite, but its the main thing people eat here. I´m trying not to eat as much meat as I have been, because we do eat a lot. 

COOL THING. So after Ryan recieved his call we were visiting in the house of a member and I was telling them where he was going. Another man in our stake just recieved his call too, Ryan will be serving with someone from the Rio Negro stake in Brasil. His first name is David and he reports to the Provo, MTC the 21 of January. It would be neat for Ryan to learn a few phrases in portuguese, because David is going to have a really hard time in the MTC. He will speak only portuguese, classes will be only in Japanese, and a majority of the people will only speak English. Anyways, the family we were visiting showed us the video of him opening his mission call. So I got to watch someone open their call going to the same mission as my brother, but not the video of my brother opening his call. 

Yesterday was Veronica´s last Sunday. :) She gave a beautiful talk! It is very hard for her to finally leave for her mission this week. Her sister is going into surgery today and her mom is also stressed out because of all the things she has to so. She is always serving and helping. I know that our families recieve blessings when we are in the service of the Lord. 

I was listening to a talk yesterday, on my new speaker :), by L. Tom Perry about the Book of Mormon. I realized that this book was written by our family to help us continue in the ways of the Lord because they knew that we would struggle with certain things. I thought a lot about how we write letters or send text messages when we know that someone is going through a hard time. And to think that our family loved us so much to ingrave these writings on plates of brass with the faith and trust in the Lord that they would be preserved for our day. It´s an incredible thought, and it created a greater desire in me to read and learn of what the Book of Mormon has to offer. :) 

I love my family so much. The Lord is so kind and forgiving. He truly loves us, each and every one of us! I know this. If we are willing to keep the commandments and do our best to follow the Saviour´s example we will be in the places we need to be when we need to be and with the people we need. :) This I know for certain. I am so super excited for Ryan and the crazy snowstorms he will encounter! I am excited to hear all of the stories!!!

I love you all so much and will continue to stay online if you want to talk, I have some other things to do today as well. 

In behalf of Elder Zonts. I command Ryan that he send him an email TODAY. :) And also that he write me, his beloved sister, while he is on his mission. Only this. :) :)

Have a wonderful day all of my brothers, daddie, and mommie!! I love you so so so so much!

-Sister Chatwin

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Return to Central Standard Time

:( Sadly I don't have acess to google drive. So I wasn't able to watch the video. But........... WAY COOL!!! I AM SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR RYAN! Seriously, I broke down in tears when I got to read where he was going!!  I am so so so so happy for him and for the learning and growth that he will have during his mission!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Seriously. Bem legal. He'll be able to talk with Sanshiroh too. I miss that kid. Tell him hi for me! ! Even cooler. AHHH. SO HAPPY!

As for Brasil, I don't think we switch time zones. I haven't heard anything of the sort here. It's kind of nice not to worry about that here. :)

I am glad that you all had a good band season! I miss you so much, but I am so so so happy to be seeing all these blessings in your lives! :)

Saturday was a holiday here. Our stake had an activity in the Taruma Cemetary. We handed out mountains of pass along cards to almost every one we saw. Seriously. I bet most of Manaus was in that cemetary on Saturday. My companion and I arrived at 8 and we didn't find the other enterance until 9. That place is immense. The people of Brasil have an immense love for their family. It is a beautiful place, its a more rural cemetary, kind of like the family cemetary in Taos, but a lot bigger. And completely surrounded by forest. Beautiful amazon forest with clear blue skys. I wish I had had my camera. :) I took lots of pictures in my mind before all the people arrived and we were put to work. 

Our area is big, we have the area by our house and then a street that connects to the other part of our area. We work a lot in the other part of the area, because we have more sucess there. Its a 40-60 walk from where we live. We walk there almost every day now. My legs are getting quite strong, and also quite sore. I wake up with charlie horses most days, but you don't need to worry. :) Scuba diving taught me how to quickly get rid of them. I need to find some better streches for my legs though, any ideas?

We are super busy here, with all this walking and teaching. Its ironic because Sister Freitas and I haven't had time to buy groceries for quite some time. :) But you all have no need to worry, the scripture in D&C 88 is true. Missionaries never have to worry where thier next meal will come from. We don't have any food in the house, but our members are super great and are always feeding us. We always have a lot to eat, yes sometimes we are hungry, but it never lasts long. :) We are deffinitely blessed. Sister Freitas and I were joking that as long as we are in this area we will only have to buy food for breakfast. Which ironically we ran out of this week. :) :) Alas, all is well. We have money to buy food, we just don't have time to go to the super market.

I love my mission, and my companion!! We are getting to be such good friends! I am so excited for all the things Ryan will learn. Ryan, make sure you take my address with you. I want you to write me letters and brag about all the good Japanese food you will be eating. FOR SURE I WANT YOUR ADDRESS TOO. I'll send you pretty letters with princess stickers and princess paper.  

As I was telling mom, I am going to try and buy a speaker today in the center of town. So if you guys want you can send a USB for Christmas with music or recorded messages from you guys. Be creative! I love you all so much and I wish that you could be here with me learning all of these things!

Yesterday I was thinking of the concept of how as missionaries, we aren't here to try and convince people to change religions, but to invite you to change your way of life. To allow you more happiness and more freedom, to help for find the joy that I have. That every member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has. Our religion is a way of life, not a Sunday only activity. I love all of the oppourtunities I have to help people here. I have seen lives change and we get to share this with our investigators. We get to see the joy this gospel brings into the live of many people. I love this calling and I am learning so much about the simple truths.

Funny thought, many people think that I am brasilian. I look like a brasilian! The only way they find out that I am not a brasilian is when I speak, but I can fix that! Hehe, by the end of my mission no one will know that I am American. I am getting so tan. My chacos tan is the bomb, some of the members think that it is really cool. I even have a tan from the heel strap.  I joke with my companion that after 1 1/2 years in this sun, no one will recognize me. I use my sunscreen every day, yet I still get tanner.

Anywhos I love you all so so much! I think I won't get to talk with mom today. I think because of the time change you all had that she will have to start looking for my emails at a different time, because the time didn't change here in Brazil. 

Again sending my love!!!! I want to write you all another letter, and I will when I have time! 

A scripture that I have written in my planner to share is Jacob 4: 3-4, I don't quite remember what it says, but I think that it talks about the strength of these words written in my weakness. Anyways, ponder on it. Ponder on the words you write in your weaknesses. Our thoughts have such a great power and strength, always.

My thoughts are a little scattered today, I have been really busy this week and I woke up this morning thinking what can I tell my family? Just know that I always love you. I am doing super dooper, making new friends and loving my companion. :) I will sure be sad when this transefer is over. Usually after the 12 weeks of training you get a new companion, but I am super excited to meet new people. AND especially excited for the next transfer because that means...... Ryan's last birthday in the states for two years annnnd CHRISTMAS! :D :D :D I get to talk with you all again! I am getting excited! Veronica's family is putting up Christmas trees and decorations in their house right now to celebrate before she leaves in 2 weeks. :) It was fun to watch them set up the beautiful trees and decorations last night when we stopped by to say goodnight. 

I serioulsly have so much love in my heart today, and I am so so so so happy for Ryan! GO JAPAN! Every mission has a song here, I am excited to hear what Ryan's mission song is, I am excited to get to hear him speak Japanese too!! :) :P 

I pray for you all daily!! 

With love, 
Sister Chatwin