Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Way Too Early Monday Morning (~4:15 AM)

Hello loving family! 

First off, we got rain rain and more rain this week. Sister Freitas and I always have a fun time when we get caught in the middle of a rainstorm. :) It always happens that she forgets her umbrella too! We try and share, but inevitalbly get soaked. It rains like nobody´s business here. The thunder is earth shaking and I just love the storms. :) :) 

Ha, that is funny. I think you changed the phone number just a few days before I left. I have it written down now. :) Transfers will be the first of December. So there is a possibility that I will be in a new area for Christmas. We had splits this week with the sister training leader for our area, she thinks that I will be training this next transfer. Every one is really impressed with my portuguese and thinks that I am ready to teach it. Personally I think I could use more time to learn more of the grammatical parts of the language, but all in all it is in the Lord´s hands. :) 

It was funny this week talking with Irma Tareza. We had stopped by her house to drop off one of our bags, so everything we had didnt get soaked, and stayed to have a little snack. Turns out the power was out and we ended up staying there for a few hours, because our next appointment was a family home evening and they didnt have power either. It was dark outside and its not safe to be walking through the streets in the middle of a black out. Anyways, Irma Tareza was saying that I am different than all of the other American missionaries. I like all of the different foods and eat everything they give me. It´s true. Sincerely I don´t think that I have eaten one thing I dont like here. Yes we eat a lot of beef and chicken and hardly eat any fruit, but its all good. Beef and Chicken still arn´t my favorite, but its the main thing people eat here. I´m trying not to eat as much meat as I have been, because we do eat a lot. 

COOL THING. So after Ryan recieved his call we were visiting in the house of a member and I was telling them where he was going. Another man in our stake just recieved his call too, Ryan will be serving with someone from the Rio Negro stake in Brasil. His first name is David and he reports to the Provo, MTC the 21 of January. It would be neat for Ryan to learn a few phrases in portuguese, because David is going to have a really hard time in the MTC. He will speak only portuguese, classes will be only in Japanese, and a majority of the people will only speak English. Anyways, the family we were visiting showed us the video of him opening his mission call. So I got to watch someone open their call going to the same mission as my brother, but not the video of my brother opening his call. 

Yesterday was Veronica´s last Sunday. :) She gave a beautiful talk! It is very hard for her to finally leave for her mission this week. Her sister is going into surgery today and her mom is also stressed out because of all the things she has to so. She is always serving and helping. I know that our families recieve blessings when we are in the service of the Lord. 

I was listening to a talk yesterday, on my new speaker :), by L. Tom Perry about the Book of Mormon. I realized that this book was written by our family to help us continue in the ways of the Lord because they knew that we would struggle with certain things. I thought a lot about how we write letters or send text messages when we know that someone is going through a hard time. And to think that our family loved us so much to ingrave these writings on plates of brass with the faith and trust in the Lord that they would be preserved for our day. It´s an incredible thought, and it created a greater desire in me to read and learn of what the Book of Mormon has to offer. :) 

I love my family so much. The Lord is so kind and forgiving. He truly loves us, each and every one of us! I know this. If we are willing to keep the commandments and do our best to follow the Saviour´s example we will be in the places we need to be when we need to be and with the people we need. :) This I know for certain. I am so super excited for Ryan and the crazy snowstorms he will encounter! I am excited to hear all of the stories!!!

I love you all so much and will continue to stay online if you want to talk, I have some other things to do today as well. 

In behalf of Elder Zonts. I command Ryan that he send him an email TODAY. :) And also that he write me, his beloved sister, while he is on his mission. Only this. :) :)

Have a wonderful day all of my brothers, daddie, and mommie!! I love you so so so so much!

-Sister Chatwin

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  1. Hi Sister Chatwin, Savannah. It's so good to read your posts and see the pictures you dad posts. I'm so glad you are enjoying your mission and making the best of everything. It's ok to eat chicken and beef as it's a good source of protein and fat and way better than any of the processed food. I am surprised you don't eat more fruit as I'm sure there are many wonderful ones to choose from. Good luck on your new Portuguese adventure. May the Lord be with you always. I'm also one of your new visiting teachers, so let me know if you need anything. Sending prayers.
    Sister Marquelle Brown