Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Short letter from Sister Chatwin this week, so I'm throwing in the one from her mom to help hers make more sense.

Hi Nana!

We love you.  Matt and Ashley are taking the discussions with the Claremore sisters!  They are coming for dinner Friday.  They will need lots of prayers.  She believes in something- but is not sure what God has ever done for her.  They both have had lots of struggles in life.  She is due in Feb. sometime.

Snow day on Friday and Monday.  Ugh we we are using the up fast and it is not even christmas.  Low is 19 high was 34.  Ice on the roads.  

Ryan has a big week.  Cat scan for his ear, monday.  Tuesday temple recommend.  Wed. eye doc.  Thurs. cyst removal operation.  Fri.foot doc for inserts. Prayers are welcome.

How is your new companion? Where is she from.  What did you do for fun this week?  who did you teach?  Do you have a time for skyping?  we may try to do the following...
"I was giving a great suggestion about Google Hangout that's like Skype but free from another mother from this group last year. The only thing you both need is a gmail account and you can add up to 10 people for the video chat. " 
This way we can talk to everyone and practice with Ryan for mothers day etc.

You do have a gmail right??

School is busy.  I have a lazy bunch of APES students.  They just don't want to do anything.  Bums.  But I do have several gems in there.  It is fun to watch them grow up.

Ryan is starting to really look the missionary part.  We have been getting his clothes in, suits, in.  So I was able to play dress up with him today.  What a hottie!

Remmi's wrist had a buckle fracture.  But he is healing fast.  I wish I could be a gecko on your wall and watch what was happening in your life.  Tell me stories.  

We have been teasing Tiger about a girl... that he likes.  And he throws the biggest fits.  But... Grandma Simmons said.... did you ever tease Savy??  He said no... we called him on it... So G-ma says you are getting what you deserve!!  HAHAHA.  Every bit the Stratty strutt... and still not as bad as he teased you.

It is expensive to send off you kiddos.  Ugh... so much to buy. And do.

Do you have your package?? let me know when it arrives.  Aunt Heather is also sending you one.

The Zachary Baird is no longer going to serve in Brazil.  They have officially called him to the Ohio area.  You are one blessed Sister to have made it to the CTM before you left!!  The Lord really had need of you immediately down there.  Just keep your head up... look for beautiful things (and bugs). And love Heavenly Fathers children.  

Are you the senior companion?  are you teaching a greenie?  How is the language this week?  We are so excited for you.  What was tough this  week??  I cannot help you if you don't tell me.

We really love you and know that your serving the Lord with all your might!

Love ,

Sounds like you are having a busy life. Its good! 

This week was fun. I have the COOOLEST companion in the world... well in the mission anyways. Want to know why she is the coolest? Today for p-day she convinced me to get my ears piereced. I bought some cool earrings that the injus made. And I bought some cool fox ones... :D

CHRISTMAS. So we will be skypeing you from the bishops house on the 25, probably in the afternoon. We will try and get a set time this week. I do have gmail, but my missionary account doesnt allow me to use the video etc. So I dont know if the gmail thing will work... I will talk about it with some people. I am excited to talk with you all so soon! We ( the missionaries in Manaus) are going to be singing in front of the temple on saturday. I am excited. As for packages, I havent gotten it yet. I will let you know as soon as I get it. :) 

TIGGY DESERVES THE TEASING. GO GRANDMA! lol :) It sounds like you all had a wonderful time with the family. I am glad you got to spend a lot of time with your mommy!

Sister Rocha.... been out for nine months.  Totes not a greenie. Bem legal.... yup, shes cool. :) Nah, she lived in the states for some time, speaks english.. like a BOSS. We get along great. We eat alot, and our room is a creative  mess right now.. but life is good. :) :) SO SO HAPPY. We bought a small christmas tree, decorated our house, bought a little baby doll and took some grass..weeds that we found on the side of the road to make a manger. :)

What time do you think will work best for talking on christmas?? Let me know so we can plan this better.

I love you alll so much!! 

We dont have internet today, so we are borrowing Terezas computor. 

Ciao, Tchau...
Sister Chatwin

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