Monday, November 25, 2013

82 Degrees vs. 30 Degrees

Hello Family!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Ha! I saw a billboard for the second movie here in Manaus. Cool stuff.

As for chilly, I am contemplating on the funny aspect that I will return in the middle of winter after living in this incredible heat for a year and a  half. It is ironic that it is always hotter than hot after a good rain here. 

Transfers are the end of this week. If I am getting transfered to another state, I will find out on Saturday. If I am staying here or moving to somewhere relatively close I will find out on Sunday. It is exciting to think about... 

These past few weeks have been slow, but things are looking up now. We had a baptism scheduled for last Saturday, but when we went to pick up our investigator his dad and grandma  had changed their minds and are not allowing him to go to church or be baptized anymore. Its difficult, but I look to the future with high hopes. Our investigator is 17, so he only has to wait a year. One thing I have learned is that the Lord has a hand in every part of this work. Because of this, I dont worry when things like this happen. I just continue to do what I can. As it says in Isiah, the Lords ways are not our ways. 

I wrote Ryan a letter this week and included a present I made for him! I will be sending it today! I am so so so excited for him to be serving a mission. 
My present is covers to a planner. Everyone decorates their planners here and I was given some good contact paper this week. I used it to make special covers for Ryans first planner! Really I am so super excited!! I wish I could be there to watch him open it!

Say hello to the family this week!! Give everyone giant hugs from Brasil! Make sure and take pictures too! I love seeing them! I still think it is funny that our huge dogs think that they are lap dogs. They are too cute not to let them sit on you. Colorado, Family, I will be so happy to see and visit with all of them in a year! Make sure and eat extra for me at the stuff your stomach feast!

Our Heavenly Father Blesses us every day! This I know. I am glad that He is blessing my family so much. Drive safe this week! And enjoy the cold air and the snow and everything else that is a lovely part of this earth!

Love love love love you! 
Sister Chatwin

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