Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Love Sister Chatwin

Hello dear wonderful family! 

So I will start off by telling you all about my week and answering mom and dads email. 

So mom, my ears are healing just fine. I am cleaning them like the lady told me to every day. I am not taking any chances on letting them get infected. 
Sister Rocha and I went into the center again. I bought some neat shark tooth earrings that a hippie made. I cant wait to show them to you. The hippies here are pretty cool and fun to talk to. 

Anyways, on our way back from the center we were talking with a few people about The Book of Mormon. We saw a bus that we knew we had taken before and got on it, we got on this one because we missed the last one. Well that turned into a two hour bus ride because it did not pass by our house like we thought. We ended up in the garage and got on another bus that was just leaving that would go close to our house. That is the very funny reason why I am just now getting to email you all!

I caught a medium sized green iguana with my hands the other day! It was about the same size as the one we had that was warrens pet. We didnt have our cameras with us so we let it go. Only to have the great idea that we should have kept it and given it to our goofy zone leader for christmas. 

I havent gotten your package yet, only because we only get our letters and stuff when we have zone training. Tomorrow is our Christmas conference, so I could have a possibility of getting it then. Christmas conference should be fun. President takes us to go do fun things, we are going to the zoo! The bus for all the missionaries leave at 6 in the morning, so while we will wake up early, other missionaries will be waking up even earlier. We are lucky to live so close to the chapel. 

I wrote in my planner that this was the week of bare. Bare is a type of soda derived from guarana that is only made here in Manaus. I think that by wednesday, Sister Rocha and I had drinken at least 5 liters of Bare in the houses of various members. I have never drinken so much soda in my life. 

Sister Rocha and I have wrapped a whole bunch of Books of Mormon along with the Joy to the World dvd. We are going around with some members each night and carroling to their neighboors. We sing a christmas hymn and the give them a christmas present that has an invite to our Mega Reuniao de Integracao de Natal which is Friday. We are having a lot of sucess. It was hard to get things started, but, the members are helping us a lot more. Something which is hard to do in this ward. It is a really good thing and we are very happy that things are starting to change. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. 

Speaking of which, we had our cantata at the temple this last week. A whole bunch of people were there to listen to different choirs from different stakes sing christmas songs at the temple. All the missionaries in Manaus got to go and sing a song. It was a lot of fun! Our zone gets to go to the temple on Wednesday, as always I will be putting names on the prayer roll. 

I love you all so much and I hope that all goes well with Remmington. I want a picture of him in his cool new brace, if mom decides to go with it.  

A Nissan Leaf! That is pretty cool, an ELECTRIC car. You should send photos! I am glad that things are going so well for you all! I am so happy that Ryan only has a fat head.

As for talking on Christmas, we can only use skype and the mission presidency here in Brasil said that we can only talk for 40 minutes. So, Sister Rocha and I will be going to the Bishops house after lunch to skype with our families. So in the evening works better, let me know next week ... I will try and get a better idea too....

Anyways I love you all!!! SO SO VERY MUCH! Feliz Natal! 

Sister Chatwin

Here is a translation of a quote I liked from General Conference
 Perserverance is an important principle that we find in the Doctrine of Christ. It is important because the quality of our eternal future is proportional to our capacity to perservere in righteousness. 

Keep doing good in the world and share the Christmas Spirit!! 

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