Monday, November 18, 2013

It's a Beautiful Monday!

Email to Shannon:

We had a baptism yesterday, Fernando. We met him last Sat. taught him all the lessons and he was baptized yesterday. We have several others that we want to be baptized, but are just waiting for them to make the time or go to church. 

I am glad that you have invited someone to take the lessons, the principles in the gospel can truly change the life of a person.  :) I hope that she stays well. Of course you will have fun, you love helping people! 

Transfers are the first of December. I believe that the Sisters are in all four states of our mission. There are two different states that the transfers are by plane. Presidente Klein is money concious and so most of the transfers are by bus. Things might change when we get a new mission president next july, but you never know. It is a good thing to be saving a lot of money. :) I want to serve in the area of tefe, but right now it looks like only Elders serve there. 

Yes, we have food in our house! Mission office last week, didnt have internet so we didnt recieve our money until a few days ago. But I always have extra money in the house incase things like this happen. :) You should never have to worry about me!

I am excited for Christmas. Many people here already have their christmas trees up. We sing christmas songs, and our last few family home evenings have had a christmas theme. I made a christmas tree for our house using the mormon ads in the liahona magazines. :) I love looking at it every day, it is huge! I can't wait to send you all my pictures! :) :) Its good to know that nothing is wrapped, now I will have to wait if it arrives early. I doubt it will too, but hey, you never know! 

Give my love to the family this thanksgiving, and make sure to eat a lot at the stretch your stomach feast! :)

Email to Kevin/Family:

I am doing well today! :) I think that I have that same picture here with me in Brasil! I keep a picture of warren's wedding on my desk and one of you and mom in your tye dye shirts. :) :) I love seeing your smiling faces every day! :) It is week 5 in transfers and only one more week to go. I am excited to see what will happen!! Long story short, at the end of my first transfer here Sister Klein went to a doctors appointment for Sister Freitas with us. She asked me there if I thought I was ready to teach the language. Of course I said no, because my grammer is still awful, but she said that she thought I was ready. SO... whatever happens next transfer I am ready for it. I have trust and faith in the Lord. That is one thing that Ryan will learn on his mission. You will have many oppourtunities to do new things. All you need is confidence in yourself and in the Lord. He will have many oppourtunities to learn new things and strengthen his faith. I was listening to a talk last night, the speaker was talking somewhere along the lines that we all desire for our faith to grow and to increase, but that cannot happen until we decrease the fear we have. I know this is true. Learn to fully trust in the Lord. Don't fear your trials, but welcome them as new challenges to help you gain the desired increase of faith. :) :)

I love you lots! Yesterday we had a baptism!  We met him last saturday, and taught him all the lessons this past week. The work is fast here. Sister Freitas and I have several other investigators that we would like to be baptized, but are just waiting to make the decision or find the time to come to church. It is very important in this work that you remember what you are teaching and you live what you teach too. This is the Lord's work, not ours. 

Funny story: This week we had some visitors at our house. Unwelcome visitors. HUGE SPIDERS. I'm not joking, they are huge here. The first one was the biggest, I wish I had gotten a picture of him, but alas that was impossible. He was waiting for us outside our door. I proceeded to try and scare it away, because my companion was panicking. Bad idea. He ran onto our door and hid in the crevice of the window. Sister Freitas was royaly mad with me then. I went to get the broom to scare it out of hiding, but I was denied that privelige by Sister Freitas. She was afraid that it would crawl through the crevase in the door and then hide somewhere in our house. ( Please know that this was a big spider and even a small spider couln't crawl through this crack) Anyways, respect your companions. She proceeded to call a member and ask her what to do, then started to cry because of the anxiety. Meanwhile I stood and waited while she decided to get the man who lives beneath us to come up and scare it away. The next night we had a slightly smaller spider inside our house. This time I took a picture first and then let her call the man to come and kill it for us.  :)

Saturday we got to eat at the pexaria do juvenal. I was in heaven eating fish. :) Tambaqui, is an especially yummy fish. :) If you have the chance to visit after the mission we will have to eat some fish! :) 

I am looking forward to the package that mom sent! I am anxious to see what is inside! :) 

Sounds like mom had another fun weekend with the kids. :) I sure do miss doing these fun things.

I am sending some letters today! One for the family, Sarah Hatch, and Auntie Beth. The one for Beth has letters for heather, laurel and bruce inside. I figured I would just send them all in one envelope. They were written with the intent of arriving for before thankgiving, but I don't think that they will get there in time. Oh well. 

This past week the mission office didn't have internet, henceforth we didn't have anymoney. We learned the importance of always having an emergency fund for when things like this happen. I related our experience to the parable of the Ten Virgins. I   have had an emergency fund since day one here, buy my companion does not. It is an important lesson we can apply to our lives. There will always be those who are unprepared or who find themselves in need. Henceforth, it is important to be in a position where you can supply for your needs and then spare a little to help others who are in need of help. 

:) :) :) :) :) :) : ) :)  Again I am forever greatful for the oppourtunity that we had to visit wonderful Nauvoo. So many special feelings about this vacation! I love the pictures that I have and the many examples of  sacrifice for the knowledge of the gospel. Which reminds me, mom, Shonnie is availiable to "talk" family history anytime you want! 

:) I love you all so much and I am very excited to talk with you all during christmas! :) :) 

Sister Chatwin

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