Monday, May 12, 2014

April 28, 2014

Sounds like you guys are having a blast in Oklahoma. Our backyard must be looking pretty slim.

This week was one of the best and worst weeks of my mission. Just as always I will start with the bad, because in the end of things it is always better to remember the good! And boy do I have good news!!

Bad news: Our house has rats. We have always had the problem with cockroaches and spiders, but rats.. thats new. I was washing dishes the other night and a rat ran across my foot climbed up the tube of  the washing macheine that hangs out of the window to drain the water. Yeah, things went down hill from that night. The rats ate holes in 5 of my shirts, a skirt, and the sheet that mom wrote all over. They left their wonderful piles of poop all over the kitchen, bathroom and as I unpleasingly discovered last night right by my pillow on the top bunk. ITS SO GROSS. I bought a few new shirts today, to make up for the 5 that I lost. New clothes are always welcome, just happened to be in a time when I didnt want to spend the money. Life goes on. We are deep cleaning the house tonight. We had a man come, he was visiting all the mission houses and spraying for bugs and cockroaches, he left venom for the rats so I hope they all die! HA. Its nothing too bad, its just frustrating because I know they are filled with diseases and they are climbing all over my belongings and a can of lysol doesnt exist here. Mas tudo bem. Nephi 3:7

GREAT NEWS! Friday we had the wedding of two of our investigators! Even better was that they were baptized on Sunday. I have one of the most beautiful pictures ever on my camera. I waited outside the baptisimal font to take a picture of them leaving. Anyways the picture of Cesar is the greatest reward! His smile is celestial. That man is never smiling in pictures. I am really so super happy for the two of them. Our investigator Michael will hopefully be baptized this Sunday. He really is super, we made a goal for him to prepare to visit the temple and do his family history work. Only problem is that he works, a lot. He takes care of a little market, and basically if he isnt their they dont make money. But other than that he is perfect. He asks questions, and remembers everything we teach. I dont really have that much time today.... We took the wrong bus coming home so we arrived late. 

hmmmm, something funny this week. To cope with the rat poop by my pillow I sat down and ate Nutella straight from the jar. After that I made plans to kill all of the rats, because everyone keeps telling us that the rats here in Manaus dont die from eating venom. 

I really enjoy seeing the Vasconselos and random members from Flores. It really brightens up my day! I love being back in Manaus. I have so many memories here! So many people that I love! :) 

Sending you all a great big hug! OOOOOOOOO

Te-amo para sempre <B0C.png>
Sister Chatwin

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