Monday, May 12, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hi mom and dad!  ( and Remmi, and Tigger too.)
Some how I didnt get your email... Maybe it didnt send or maybe you all were having such a wonderful weekend that it got lost inside your head.
Either way I love you all berry berry much. Life wouldnt be the same without you all. This week was great. I love working with my companion Sister Nina. She literally talks to every one and doesnt lose an oppourtunity to teach a lesson.. I am going to learn a lot from her. We are such great friends already, and we pass the days laughing. Its great. We found so many new people to teach this week! Sadly pretty much all of them said they wouldnt be able to go to church until next week. We are trying to rescue the ward here right now. They have about 44 people coming to sacrament meeting every week. That is about the frequency of a branch. To avoid closing the ward they would join up with 2 other branches, but thats a little difficult. So we are working our tails off to begin to reactivate less active and baptize more people. The ward mission leader has some great plans to help with this and we are really excited.  Really, the Lord is blessing us so much in the work here. It seems like every day we find someone who is prepared to recieve the gospel. 

We were in a trio this last week with sister waite. She had dengue,so she stayed one more week with us to make sure that she was all better before she traveled to her new area.  We did a lot of divisions and made a lot of progress in the area. We stayed out until 9:30 teaching every night. It was great, but with the difference in climate, the hills, and waking up early after my travels from Rondonia it was a little too much for me. We all have our limits and we need to respect them. But really. I am just loving my mission. This last week we had zone conference with all 9 zones. I loved being in my first area and seeing all of my friends again! It was so great! We are going to the  temple this wednesday! I am super excited!! It has been a few months since I have been there. It will be wonderful. Afterwords I hope to visit the shop and by a simplified piano book, our ward right now doesnt have one and they just happen to be lacking a pianist. Also, Sister Waite was giving to recentconverst and investigators piano lessons so I will be trying to continue them... hehe. Serving a mission is great! I also want to buy our investigator or some of the members an easter gift.  I am excited for easter and I hope that all of our investigators will come this nest sunday. I am sad sometimes that I had to leave Vilhena, but I know that this is where the Lord is needing me right now! I couldnt be happier.
Happy Easter, Happy (really late) wedding anniversary {i promise i remembered, just forgot to write is in an email} and for future good luck, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. lol
You all are the best, I couldnt have a better family!

Love you all so so so so much!
Sister Chatwin

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