Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014


Are you kidding?? Kirstens baby is the cutest thing ever!!  I just love those pictures. I will be busy finding time to write letters this week! :) But am so excited to be doing so!!
Congrats to super stratty. It can now be shoved in Remmi and Sterlings face that I will not be marrying him. Send me a picture of Bryce´s girlfriend. He had been sending me some emails. but when they stopped I figured he had started dating someone. My suspisions were correct! lol

I love you all so much! Things are going great here! :) We had a member organize a bunch of the Irmas (Sisters) here to do splits with us last sunday to go and find lots of people to bring to the second meeting in Palmares. It was a sucess. Not too many investigators came, but with the help of the members we will be holding meetings every week in Palmares filled with people. 

Their is a young women here who is deaf. She did splits with me and another member. I love talking to her in sign language. I am learning so fast with her help. I think that it is the funnest thing ever. I decided that if Emily is still in our ward when I get back that I will have her teach me! :)

I love working with the members here. This place is death without the help of the members. I truly understand and am so greatful for the strength of the church back home. Here in Brasil there are so many people ready to hear the gospel, but many times in the areas I am put in that backup from the ward is not there. It just makes things so much harder. I realize that it is the opposite there in the states. We have the back up of the ward, but are lacking people. That is where the members come in.. WITHOUT YOUR HELP missionary work is almost useless. Things are so much easier when we are unified in purpose and direction. 

Thanks for all of the pictures they are great!

I dont really have much more time, sorry! Tell brother Halsey that I will be sending him a letter soon! On the plane ride to Parintins, I was looking in the magazine, and I found and article about Flight safety. I tore it out and will be sending it to him!!  I took some pictures with it and should send them in next weeks email if you remind me.

Thanks for all you do and all of your prayers!! 

Sister Chatwin

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