Monday, May 12, 2014

May 5, 2014

Aww. Cute family!   I sure do love the diversity of students you teach!!

I absolutely love the island!! The festival is amazing and I hope to stay here and hear the music during the festival. The river is soooo pretty! I want to wake up early one p-day and sit and  watch the sunrise. 

The church is small here, there are  three groups. (I was transfered before transfers )    So are sundays are busy visiting all three groups. The church recently bought some land to build a chapel, so we deffinitely have a lot of work to do. The nights are beautiful here, bats flying over your head..  bugs, it   is paradise.  

The Elders that work in the office forgot to give us our cellphone before we lef, but hopefully it should arrive tomorrow. These last few days have been interesting. We get lost quite a bit, but we are  figuring out that the island is small.  All we have to do to find out where we are is ask where the cathedral is or the stadium. We live on the same street as the stadium, and the chapel is pretty close to the cathedral. 

We made some contacts today. One live in the middle of the jungle.. He live on the Elders side of the Island, but we pretty much share the island  so I hope they take us their to visit. 

I forgot to mention.. we are the very first set of Sisters here! The branch here is really excited about that. The young women were having a beauty night friday in the chapel and the elders were showing us around. The  young women gave us maicures and pedicures. It was so nice to have some one  clean my feet and paint my nails really cute. I love painting my nails here, but I always have problems  waiting for them to dry.

As for times on Sunday... I dont have a set time, neither do the Elders. They know of a house here of a member that has internet and we intend to use it there.. but seeing as our day is filled with meetings, I couldnt  tell you a time. Just keep an eye out during the afternoon. If I dont call on Sunday, I will for sure call on Monday. Just wait and see, I should call on sunday though. I am super excited to talk with you all!!! :) :) :)   

It was so nice to spend a day in Flores. I got to see a bunch of old friends and families from the ward. I really missed them. Sister Morales ( the friend I met on facebook from Peru  before the mission) is serving in Flores, so I got to spend the day with her too. I would have gotten to stay with  Sister Rocha again, but she was emergency transfered to another area last p-day. The same day the Elders called to tell us that we were getting transfered.

Love you all and i hope to be able to talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the piranahs  would say, Love you to pieces.  

 Sister Chatwin

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