Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

You guys are great! 

I really love reading and hearing about all of the adventures you have! 
Last night I was reading in an old liahona about a person who is a mountain guide in Japan. It was interesting to hear his point of view how most of the visitors just wanted to visit the top of the peak and take the easiest way to get there. He tried convincing some of the tourists to follow him to see some of the lower parts of the park, that were more difficult to get to, yet all the more beautiful. He mentioned that to understand and appreciate the view from the top, you have to know what is beneath. He then related that to the gospel. To appreciate everything about the gospel, we first have to understand where things began. He stated that at the top of the peak there were many fossils, but all those fossils lived their life below. It is the same, to appreciate what there is in store for us in Heaven, and the marvelous workings of our Heavenly Father, we first have to come to know  and understand the bottom. Its so true, it will be difficult, but those treasures that we find and see will aid our future understanding of the plan that our Father in Heaven has for us. Nothing is possible without His help. 

This week was really wonderful. We had two baptisms and should be having two more this saturday. We are focusing on reactivating less actives. One of the ways to do that is by baptizing the rest of their family that are not members. Its amazing how they remember the feelings, and the amount that they can feel the Spirit in their homes. This is what happened. It seemed so easy for us, but it was really the Lord that did all the work. When we deny the Holy Spirit to help in the work, nothing happens. I have learned that I really have to put the feeling behind the action. It is not enough just to do something because it is good or right, we have to do it out of love and charity. Sometimes I really struggle with this. I have to remember, that not every person has had the difficulties I have had and learned the same things. We all learn at different paces whether we are younger or older. 

Well I have to go again. Hopefully I will have more time next week.

Sorry for the short emails lately. 

Sister CHatwin

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