Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update Week of 1/27/14

Hi Lovely Family, 

OH BOY. That kid never gives up does he. (Sterling tried to sell his sister to a Return Missionary she grew up with) At least that is a good quality for him to have, never giving up. Gotta love my brothers!
I bet Ryan is having a blast in the CTM! We have a boy in our ward who will be reporting to the CTM in 9 days. He was asking me all kinds of questions today. P-day was fun. Our district had a group p-day and we met in the Elders chapel and played that game Warren and Ivy have where you have to buy your bricks and wood to make a settlement, bridges etc.. It was fun. Then we played the game with the UNO cards where each color is a different action. Sister Larson and I started a game night at the chapel every tuesday, we invite the youth in our ward and this week they should be inviting some of their non member friends to come and play with us. It is a fun way to get them to church and meet the missonaries. We will hopefully find new people to teach this way. 

I got to eat at a yummy cool restaurant saturday. It was like a farm. They had turkeys running around the lawn and also guinea pigs, and some cows that you could pet. Anyways we ate on a deck on a lake. The fish were all swimming near the surface and it was fun to see them jump and fight as we threw in the fish food. Yup. I will try and send pictures someday. I filled up my first sd card, and am using the second one now. 

Creepers... You reminded me of one last week. It was another old man who stopped to talk to us. My companion is allergic to mosquitoes and everone asks her about all the awful bites she has. When he found out that she was allergic he kissed her hand to make it all better.. I think he might of been a little drunk... anyways he kept telling us how pretty we were. After he kissed her hand he looked at me and then was trying to go in for a kiss.. Sister Larson threw her hand in front of his face and I put my hand on his chest to keep him from coming any closer. Then I proudly told him that I was not allergic to mosquitoes. When we were walking away it was all we could do but laugh. We have the greatest luck when it comes to drunks here. They make some really funny stories.

Sounds like your teen training was a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN. I am glad that everything went well and that Remmi is your little buddy. But you better watch out, because when he gets bored he can get annoying! :) :) 

I am glad that all is well with you, and most of all that all of the Primary kids love daddy! He is perfect for the job. 

Good luck to Sterling at his tryouts, and trying to sell me to boys while I am far away here in Brazil. I will think of a good way to pay him back when I come home. Just know that we are going to have some fun times... but that will of course come after I remember how to talk in English until then.

I hope Ryans studies are going well! His p-day in the CTM is probably later in the week, wednesday or Friday. 

-Sister Chatwin

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