Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I am sad to hear of the passing of Mr. Waters, he was a great guy! I will be sure to send them a letter as soon as I can. 

I loved reading Ryans letter last week. It was very funny!! I am glad that he is doing really well! 

Too bad about Tiberius, he sure was a good dog, but was deffinitlely getting violent. 

So, today I bought a hammock to sleep in. It was about 55 reals. My bed in our apartment finished breaking all of the way this last week and is kind of hard to sleep in. The matteress always slips off, it is kind of funny because I always wake up with half of the mattress on the  bed and me sleeping at the top edge. I should sleep better tonight. :) 

So this last week we had the most stressful baptism ever, but the thing is WE HAD IT.  We had this young man who had been taught by the sisters before call us up and say that he wanted to be baptized. He is a really good person, but also really roudy. AND he speaks really really fast. So the family he is staying with are members, but they are crazy hard to get a hold of during the week. It was a week of back and forth phone calls... etc.. We finally got to teach him all of the lessons, and set up his baptism date. I dont have time to write all of the detail, but I am just glad that it is done. :) Who knew a baptism could be stressful! We went to see him again yesterday and teach him the fifth lesson, afterwards he and the family he is staying with took us to a part of our area that is pretty far away and dangerous to find a reference that we recieved who said that they are only avaliable on Saturdays and Sundays. The young man we baptized would make an excellent missionary, HE WAS SO HELPFUL. But he has a girlfriend... but he would be an excellent missionary. After we found the persons house, she wasnt home, we drove around and they showed of some of their friends houses and some places were there were old investigators they thought we should teach again. It was great and we plan on going to visit these families with them again. 

This was the last sunday of two youth in our ward, one is leaving to serve a mission and the other, she is going to be studying in Bolivia. Sacrament meeting brought back a lot of memories and emotions. I learned so much in church yesterday! I am sending you all a letter this week, so I will write more about it there. As usual here, we dont really get a lot of time to email, so I will try and come to the internet place a little earlier next week.

Here they dont make you eat! It is so nice, some of the irmas will, but most of them dont. I like it a lot!

Sounds like mom is having the time of her life! I am glad that she is so close to her students! :) They sure to love her!!!!!!
Game night was a blast, but no new people for us to teach. 

Dad is great, I am glad that he is doing well. Wish he wasnt so busy, but I am glad that at least he has a job.

YAY Warren and Ivy! I sure do love those two. YOU CAN DO IT!

I really do have so much to tell you, just not enough time! :(

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister CHatwin

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