Thursday, January 2, 2014

So Fun To See You!!!

It was so fun talking to you all! I really loved it so much. :) My mission is good and I wouldnt have it any other way! 

I think that it is crazy that Ryan is leaving so soon! I keep seeing David, that other Elder that is going to the same mission. He is so excited and I think that it is so neat that someone Ryan only knows as a picture on Facebook is someone that I shake hands with. Its crazy. Did he like the temple? I am so proud of that kid!!

Thanks for the coloring book! It is such a great present. :) :) Actually the skirt doesnt fit, it  thought it would, but it doesnt. I think it is because the members make us eat so much. Just like at home they always say, come mais sister.. It happens in every house. Part of it is the Elders fault. They eat a ton. 

Our zone made t shirts. They are really cool. Those pictures you got of the 20 year anniversary were ones irmao manuel took on his phone. As we were leaving that activity we had an interesting experience. I was carrying this huge piece of cake in my hand that Irma Tareza gave us to take home, we were just walking out the front gate when a women passed by and said the following, Hi friends! Is that cake good? It looks good; I'll try it. So she grabbed the fork in the middle of the cake and then took a bite and put the fork back. She then proceeded to walk away and then asked what time church started and said that she would come. We told her that we would wait for her, but she didnt end up coming. 

I got to hold a really big praying mantis at lunch yesterday. I didnt have my camera though, so we are going to go back later and take a picture. 

So sunday was really neat! Sister Rocha and I arrived at church about 20 minutes early and three men from Haiti showed up in the chapel. They only spook french though. They have only been in Manaus for about a week. So Sister Rocha and I had two Book of Mormons in french so we had them sit down in the chapel and then literaly ran to our house to get them! We got back right when sacrament meeting was starting and gave them to them. We then called our recent convert Anderson, he is from Haiti also, so he speaks french. We knew that he was working, but the sister and I were so excited to have three haitianos in our ward that we didnt care. :) He talked to them and set up a time for us to teach them while he translates later today.  We really are super excited and SIster Rocha and I have decided that we want to learn a little bit of Creole so we can teach all of the Haitianos in our area. 

I'll have to start trying the smile notes. We will see how it works. 

Love you all so much! Y'all are growing up so fast (the boys anyways).  

Happy New Year!!! 


Sister Chatwin
p.s. I'm still waiting for Heather's box to arrive. :) Oh and I am going to by more hippie earrings when I can for you!

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