Monday, January 6, 2014

My Daughter

Yay! I love you all so much! You can have Remmi read it. :) That sounds like a fun activity, you'll have to share some of the comments with me! :) Sorry about emailing late today!!!!!!!!! We got up this morning and then internet place was closed, then we went to centro again. I bought you a cool necklace and earrings from a hippie. I also bought a shirt and a nightgown. Thank Heather again for the money. :)

I love that you are all reading your scriptures, it is not something easy to do until it is a habit. Transfers are next week on the 12th, we will see what will happen. As always everyone is excited and curious because presidente has already decided what will happen. We just have to be paitent and wait. 

So quick recap, Creole is actually pretty easy, it is just remembering how to pronounce the words. So our Haitians didnt come to church this sunday, and our baptism that we had set fell through. But all is good, we hope to have a family home evening tonight with them at a members house.... its going to start soon so I will continue to write quickly.

I JUST LOVE YOU ALL! I dont have enough words to day how greatful I am for you!

-One thing you can share tonight is that I love the fact that every mission seems to be specific to life lessons that each missionary will need to learn. I was reading my patriarchal blessing the other night and it seems that my kids will be stinkers. People in this mission dont really keep rules, so it is a lesson that I am learning well now. I do love my mission and I am always learning and having fun. Dont get me wrong, it can be really tough sometimes, but it is just a time for you to grow. I was listening to a talk the other night and I really liked what this person said, Sometimes God takes you places where only He can help. 

I am glad that Ryans friend is going to be at church on sunday. The members friendship makes all the difference in finding investigators!! 

I am glad that your gas bill will be lower soon, and I'm also glad that you got the van fixing again. Could you send a picture of it to me, and also a picture of that fish hook in your hand? I got a daily agenda from a secret santa, and I have decided to turn it into a daily scrapbook where I glue or write something that happend that day. It is going well so far, so if you have any fun pictures send them and I will print them off. By the end of the year it will almost be time for me to come home! I really hope you all can come visit here, we would have so many fun things to do.  

New Years we spent with the Haitians and at midnight we went to the church parking lot with Tereza and watched all of the fireworks. It was fun.
Well I better look at my other e-mails. 


Sister Chatwin

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