Monday, January 20, 2014

A New Adventure Begins!

NOOO! Those pictures were heart touching! :) 

I am so glad that Ryan is going out! It will be fun to hear from him :) 

My new companion is good. She has only been in Brazil for 1 month, so she really doesnt understand a whole lot of portuguese, but she trys crazy hard to talk to people. We stay busy all day every day here. She is a little stressed out, because she doesnt understand a lot and so that is having an effect on her, but she is great and we have a lot of fun together. Church was stressful, being as I didnt know anyone or where the classes were and my companion doesnt really know anyone either. We had an investigator show up to church, but he left because we were just standing outside the chapel with a member when the meetings had actually started, but I just didnt know who or where to take him to. He came back though for Sacrament meeting (our last meeting), but left halfway through... He is a journalist and might just be interested in making another story, but he said that we could come to his house and teach him the lessons. So we will see. We met him while we were talking to some other investigators. He took our picture and said he would put it on his website.

Sterling looks good, and I am sure he sounded good too.

Sad that moms jeep is not the same, but I am glad that it is working better.

Honestly I dont know who my district is, last Tuesday Sister Larson was trying to open the chapel and she broke the key inside of the door. So all the districts that meet at our chapel all just had one big meeting outside in the back of the chapel. That was probably my funniest experience. My old district leader is in the same zone as I am, so that is something I am looking forward too. We both got here at the same time.  My friend Sister Morales is also in our zone, so I am super excited for zone conference when I will finally get to see her and talk to her.

Tell Tereza I say HI!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome home Super Stratty!!! Tell him hi for me when you see him! I bet Sister Alhborn is so super excited!

Well, mom that is Ryan for you! :) I am sure he will change a lot on his mission and not want half the stuff he has. You just have good luck with your kids and messy rooms. and packing on the last day. Sorry for the stress we put you through!


I will have to write him a letter snail mail! I need to write Jerry and Rae-Ann too... I am going to make time this week to write letters. Sister Larson keeps us so busy that we dont have time for those things, which is good, but I miss writing letters!  


Well that is all I have time for, we might get on a little later today, if we do I will email and tell you more about my week! 

Love you lots!
Sister Chatwin

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