Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hi Dad!
I sure do love you all a lot! :)
I would love to have a late christmas with all of you when I get home. :) It will be a lot of fun!
So our big family home evening this week was a sucess! So many people came, and they even brought less actives! :)
Our lunch yesterday was super yummy. Brazilian style pancakes. Then for dessert we had the best a├žai ever!!
I am having the time of my life working in this ward. It is so much fun! I am really going to miss it here.
Lots of things happened this week. I started a piano class for two little girls in the ward. I am the pianist for ward choir now. They are going to sing for our ward conferance.
We had interviews, and conference with President Castro this week. Elder Aidukatis of the seventy also came to give a training. It was a lot of fun. Sister Marinho and I called all of the sisters to have them bring or borrow a pair of heels to wear at conference. We wanted to make Sister Castro really happy. She is always talking about how the sisters need to make an effort to be pretty and dress out best for conferance. She was so happy that she made us do a fashion walk and recorded it on her phone. Sister Marinho thinks she might have put it on the mission facebook page.
We learned a lot about planning and about how we need to do a better job.
My companion goes home in two weeks. YAY. It is fun talking about all the things we have forgotten about. Poor thing. She doesnt want to leave. She only spent the last 5 months of her mission in Brasil. Other than that she spent it all in the states waiting for her visa.
Funny story of the week. After lunch we walked out to see that the chickens left poop and pee in her shoes. I sent the pictures to you in another email. I couldnt stop laughing it was sooo funny. She was mad, so I took the advantage to record a video on my camera of her reaction. lol.
I sure do love you all a lot! I am excited to share all of my stories with you soon!
 Sister Chatwin

Pics: Conference with President, Sister Marinho and I planned for every Sister to come wearing heels. It made President´s wife super happy! The other one I think is me showing how I think chickens could be related to dinosaurs.

During lunch the chickens pooped in my companions shoes.
It was super funny. I got a really funny video of her reaction. We were laughing for a long time.  Also , I decided chickens are related to dinosaurs. I was listening to  a rooster crow the other day, and thought it sounded more like a t-rex than a chicken.

A butterfly that has outer space painted on its wings. ZOOM IN!  
My mad butterfly catching skills.

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