Monday, November 24, 2014

November 10, 2014


Your a good strong woman. :) I love you a lot! You always are a good example for others. 

You should tell Ashley that she should come to school with me. I think that she would love it there. 

As for work.. I don´t know what I am going to do. Temping for Halsey again would be nice, but is also quite a drive and a lot of gas money. Start looking for options??? Maybe start having Bruce look for options where he is too. I don´t know what will happen, but I know that I need a job until the end of April. It might be good to spend some time living with your family... I dont know. It would be good for them to have an example around, and maybe I could help Laurel out a little bit. Sei lá. 

Last week we did a big ward family home evening in a members house. Only a few members came, but they loved it! We talked about faith and then did a egg race. (the one where you have to hold the egg in the spoon) Only that the people with the egg didnt know that there were going to be sock balls thrown at them while they were trying to walk. They loved it and were laughing a ton. Adults are just like little kids. Anyways we are wanting to do this everyweek. This week the family that volunteered to host is planning on going to the temple in January. So our message is going to be a few morman messages about temples, and afterwards they are going to split into groups and build temples out of gumdrops and toothpicks. It is going to be great. I hope that more people start coming. Our goal with this is to strengthen the testimonies of the members and less actives of the basic principles of the gospel. IT IS GOING GREAT. Last week we invited an irma to bear her testimony. It was the first time ever, and she loved it! Now our goal with her is to get up next fast sunday and bear our testimonies together.

I really like it here in Acre. It is super pretty. It can also get stinking hot. Mom, there is a pretty neat college in my area. They have a big lot of rain forest with some trails in it. We are going to try and get some members to take us there for p-day. I saw some people who were studying foresting ( i think) last week. I am really excited to look into this college. 

We went to centro today and there were a lot of cool things. We sat down and chatted with the hippies for awhile, and then we came across an native indian. He was really excited to be talking with americans who knew english. He said that he had never had that experience before. We left a book of mormon with him. 
Life is good. 

Sister Chatwin

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