Monday, November 24, 2014

November 17, 2014

Sounds like you all had a blast at Indy. :) I really enjoy seeing all of your pictures! I am super excited to see you all again. 

This week was really good. And it was really hot! First of all we set a goal as a district to find 75 new investigators this week. Sister Escobar and I were able to get 13. That is a record for us. Normally we get 5 or 6 a week without trying. I really enjoyed having this goal and trying to look more earnestly for people to teach. 

One of my favorite investigators right now is Michel. He is one of the young women´s boyfriend. She comes to every lesson with us. They read their scriptures together and she always answers all of his questions before our next lesson. I love that when we teach him he is completely honest if he has doubts or questions. He answers questions when we ask them... and basically he is just perfect! Normally we spend a lot of our time teaching the poorer people, but by far I love teaching the educated people. They aren´t afraid to hide what they think. It is so much nicer. We have some wealthier areas in our area, and I want to start proselyting in those areas. We may not be recieved to well, but we will find someone who is ready. 

Today for p-day we got up early to go walk the trails in the forest at the college. We went with our neighboors less active husband. Unfortunately today is a holiday, so their were armed guards at the entrance that said it would be better to come another week. Lots of people like to do drugs and bad things in the forest. And all of this people were free, because it was a holiday. So instead of walking through the forest we did a 3 hour loop around the forest. 3 HOURS OF WALKING. It was fun, but I sure was tired. I took lots of cool pictures. We found an ants nest in a tree, a cinammon tree, I think I found soapberries. I tripped over a plant with thorns and cut my leg. After that we went to centro and did some shopping. It was a fun p-day, but I would rather walk through the forest next week. I am never going to walk around it again. I did see a lot of houses though, and thought that they have probably never heard the gospel, and also that if they have they probably never went to church because it is so far away. That is the hard thing. You find a lot of good people to teach, but they just dont understand enough to make the sacrifice to come to church. 

We spake in church last sunday. We had like a 20 minute notice, because the other people who were supposed to give talks didnt come. I decided to give a talk I had already given in Manaus. I talked about the tree of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Roots=Christ Trunk=Atonement Branches=Principles of the Gospel Leaves=us. I explained that leave get their nutrients from the branches which get it from the trunk which gets it from the roots. It is a nice way to think about how we really are reliant on the Atonement of Jesus Christ as our support. Without the Atonement out tree is nothing. If it weren´t for the Atonement we would be nothing. Everything is founded upon Jesus Christ, everything that gives us the proper nutrients to grow strong!

I love you all bunches!!!

Beijos, Sister Chatwin

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