Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Dude. So I am totes jealous of all of you. Jealous of Warren and Ivy having so much fun without me. Mom in the awesome cheetah costume. I miss doing overnights with her at the fireworks stand. Missing sterlings amazing concert. I can only imagine how great it was!! ALL OF YOUR CREATIVE ADVENTURES. 

Lislane was right in that comment on facebook. My tan lines are so freaking bad. I am on the lookout for a new bag, so that I can get rid of the tanline on my chest. When I take my bag off, half my chest is white, the other tan. When I wear my hair in a braid it is harder to see, lol. Good luck for my feet. The chacos tan is going to take forever to go away when I come home. Sometimes I am okay with that, other times I am not. Really guys, all the members of this ward keep telling me that my skin is the color of brasilians and not americans. It´s crazy how dark I am. 

Yeah. SO Manaus is great as usual. The ward here really likes to help with the work. We have some great investigators, but are really needing to give some of them a push to get baptized. As for my new responsibilities... We are going to meet the new mission president tomorrow when we have our leadership council meeeting. Basically as a sister training leader we just do splits with some of the sisters. We have like 4 sets of Sisters that we will take care of this transfer. 

So I really like Sister Crane. We are going to be best friends. She is super sweet and blonde. Blond hair and blond in the brain too. We combine really well. She goes home in September, so we have fun talking about all the things she is going to do etc. The city where we live ran out of running water this week. Something broke the water line in the streets, and rumor is that it is not going to get fixed until the end of July. We spent a few days without water, taking showers with a bucket...all that. Then we called the Elders in the office when we found out it was going to be a whole month without water. They had us switch houses with the Elders (our DL) close by, and moved the Elders to the other Elders house. Every time our DL calls he wants to know if the water has come back in our part of the area. EVERY TIME.  Oh. Sister Crane is from Dallas Texas. Her dad is a retired pilot. He worked for American Airlines. 

I am excited to get lots of pictures. Say hello and give big hugs to everyone at the family reunion for me!! Have a HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! Y´all are great!! 

Sister Chatwin

**Really mom. That tiger suit is the best. I love those pictures.

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