Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014

This week was awesome. I really love being here in Parintins. We have transfers this week, and I really dont want to leave. I am ready to kneel and beg to stay here. It´s crazy how fast I get attached to these people. I have a love so strong for them that I know it existed before this life. 

That makes me really excited that Sister Wallace's daughter is going to serve here! You will have to have her send me an email, and I will for sure think this week on things to bring! :) :) She is going to love it here, it´s stinking hot, but the people are amazing. 

Being the last week of transfers, and that last week that we have President Klein, he is coming to Parintins this Thursday to give a last trainging to the missionaries here, and a fireside to the members. I have learned so much from him and am excited to meet the new president. Really, I dont want to leave Parintins. My heart is here on this tiny island. 

Today was the best p-day yet. There is a couple that I just adore here and we spent p-day in their house.They we both the first elder and first sister to serve a mission here in Parintins.  The Elders made a churrasco for us, it was super yummy. After that we watched The other side of heaven. I love that movie, and it really made me think on the experiences that I have had on the mission and how much I have changed.... both physically and mentally. 

One of my friends from Flight Safety sent a picture that we took before I left on the mission.. I look like a little girl.

I am jealous that you are going on a cruise. You will have so much fun. I absoulutely just love the different cultures here in Brasil. I have been absorbing every moment of the mission, things will be different when I return home. There will always be a little brasileira in me. 

Things on the mission are not always easy, but you deffinitely learn how to work out the differences, work in unity, and give all you have to these people. I have been blessed to see so many miracles here. I get sad thinking that one day I will return home, the culture is so different. 

Anyways I better go, Hope that all is well with you and sending my biggest X´s and O´s. 

Sister Chatwin

(I saw another alligator this week) I wish I could send you all of my pictures!

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