Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Remmington is getting so big! I hardley recognize him. Oh, I love you
guys so much!! :) :)
This week was a lot of fun. I got to do a service project! The Elders
had some investigators that were getting married, so I got to make the
cake!!! I was in heaven all day. It was so much fun and I missed
baking. Sad thing is, is that it was to stinking hot and we didnt have
an electric mixer in the Relief Society Presidents house, so the cream
cheese icing stayed really liquidey.
Even more funny was during the wedding, one of the Elders couldnt stop
dreaming about how his future wedding would be. He kept talking about
all of the proposal ideas he has seen, and how he just really wants to
get married. Its really quite funny, because he talks about it all the
time and he doesnt even have a girlfriend. 
I had to miss our baptism
this week, because I was making the cake. We arrived at her house 8 am
left for lunch at one, returned after lunch at 3pm, did splits with
other members so I could stay and make the cake, while Sister Nina
went to the baptism. It was a really good and busy week for us! We
were all dog tired come Sunday. My portuguese stopped working, because
I was practically sleep walking, and one of our investigator was
holding my hand as we crossed the streets. She was a little worried.
We had a good p-day too. Some of the Irmas spent the day with us and
painted our nails. My camera isnt being recognized so I didnt send the
pictures. We should be going to play dodge ball here pretty soon. Just
wanted to send my love! The internet was slow and not couperating with

One thing I love doing on Sundays is teaching Gospel Principles. I
only have time during the week to read the lesson once, and some how
it seems like the lessons always last the time of the class. Most of
the time, I feel really unprepared because of the lack of time I
study, but I trust in the Spirit, and he makes up for the lack of
time, and somtimes lack of knowledge that I have.

Well, I better go and play dodgeball with the people we invited.

I emailed bruce, praying for Ryan, forwarded the picture of the cake!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer. I miss you lots, and am
excited to see you all again.

Sending a great big hug!

-Sister Chatwin

p.s. Congrats to Megan and her decision to serve a mission. It will be
the best thing she has ever done!

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