Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

First of all, loved all of the pictures that you guys sent! Estou com muito saudades de suas adventuras. Mas tudo bom, sei que vamos ter bastante quando volta.

Looking at the family reunion, I felt like there were people there that I dont even know. It has been such a long time that everyone is growing up and I dont recognize them anymore. Especially my brothers. Eles são gato. :) Cuidado com as meninas gente!

That car [parade Jeep] is amazing. I feel like it could be moms car.

Soo you might have gotten a picture from Manuel again. We saw him at the temple and took a picture together. Out of the blue we decided to dye our hair last p-day. It was meant to only have the tips dyed blonde, but I guess the lady doing my hair changed her mind about that and put a lot more blond in my hair. Dont worry though, it looks good... Just that in the picture youll see from Manuel,, well that was a bad hair day. My hair was super dry and it looked like Hermoines, but I didnt really care because we were just going to the temple. I promise it looks a lot better when I straighten it. I actually have a picture of it, but my camera has a virus so I cant send any pictures until I find someone to take it off. 

So there is this family that I just adore here. Mainly because the two little boys are super rowdy and their mom is always yelling at them to settle home. Saudades, kkk. Anyways I just adore their son Lucas. Everytime we go to there house he yells, OÌ SISTER CHATA! Its so great. This sunday I was conducting again and I saw his dad tell him to go up and bear his testimony. He went up to the front and back to where he was sitting three times before he finally stayed and sat down. When it was his turn he just stood there and breathed into the microphone and started to shrug his shoulders. He mumbled something along the lines of.. I dont even know why I go to church! Then he said something about baptism, and ran back to his seat. No one could hold it in, we were all laughing! I just love little kids. :)

This last week was super busy. We had a bunch of meetings in Alvorada and we also went to the temple. So we hardly stayed in our area. This week and next we are going to doing divisions with the sisters that we take care of, so we will be doing some traveling. Our ward is great and they are going to help take care of our investigators. 

Anyways, things are going great here. I really love serving a mission, and my time here is running out. But 6 months is still a long time. :) I was talking this week with a young woman who was debating serving a mission because she didnt want to be far away from her family. I told her that you have to be far away from your family to serve a mission. Because you find parts of your family in the members and people you teach. That is what makes you love doing missionary work. 

I got a letter from Brother Halsey this week. I always like getting his letters! There is not a post office in my area, so I cant respond to any of them yet. 

I know i´m getting fat, but its not my fault I promise. These members, its like you dont have a choice! At lunches you have to eat until they are content. There are some Irmas, that want you to eat everything they make. They also have desserts at almost every meal. They seem to only drink soda. And there is always someone giving you snacks after lessons or having you come to dinner. They also get sad, de verdade, if you dont eat a lot. Every activity has food. All we do is eat. It´s just part of the culture with the missionaries They always say, COME MAIS SISTER. Its kind of funny actually. We were doing visits with an irmao, and when we were offered food, he just said that he didnt want any and the irma shrugged it off. We were kind of jealous, she even gave us the rest of the cookies walking out the door. I really do love brasil.

Anyways I love you guys a lot! :) :) I hope that you have a great week!


Sister Chatwin 

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