Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 - Transferred Again

Sounds like things are great! 

I was transferred. I should have seen it coming, but I just didnt want to leave Parintins. I had so much fun there and I was sure sad to leave. I am in Manaus again, the area of Noel. (Christmas is in the air) I will be a Sister Training Leader this transfer! My new companion is Sister Crane. She is really cool, we are going to get along great. It will be interesting being in the leadership this transfer with the new president and all. 

Sunday after Sacrament, the youth made me sit down on the bench and they sang God be with you till we meet again. I took lots of pictures and I would send them to you, but my camera has a virus and it wont let me open the pictures... The festival in Parintins is this weekend, I just barely missed it. They were beginning to put in all of the big monsters and so forth... I am glad that I wont have to be there during the festival. The streets were getting so crowded, and there were sooo many people. We also lived right by the stadium so during the show it would have been impossible to sleep with the loud music. I really wish I could send you pictures! Parintins is sooo pretty. 

I traveled alone yesterday, the other Elder missed the plane. When I arrived in Manaus it was filled with Americans for the game that night. IT was weird being around americans. They were all dressed so funny for the world cup and singing really loud. I stood outside waiting for my ride while they got on the busses. I kind of hoped for one of them to to yell SISTER! Would have been cool, but it didnt happen. Could have been that I was wearing a black shirt and you couldnt really seee my name tag. Also I look like a gaucho. ( The cowboys of Brasil) Everyone thought that I was Brasilian when I arrived in Manaus. lol.      

So the internet cafe will be closed this afternoon for the Brasil game. No one has emailed me but you... :) You will get a long letter today. When Brasil plays, no one is in the streets and nothing is opened. President allowed us to watch the game when Brasil plays, so we usually go to the house of a member and have a little party. Which sadly I will be missing in Parintins today. We always went to the house of Marcos and Irleia. We always made a cake with them and Marcos would make Pudim. I´m going to miss Parintins. It was a culture shock coming back to Manaus. Imagine how it will be coming back to the states. I prefer being in the small poor areas, Manaus is too much of a city for me. I need to see my trees and the river and the dirt streets. 

I am jealous that you get to go to Colorado! I miss it so much, and its cold. (I got so tan in Parintins...It was stinking hot) Bruce told me that I should put my pictures on a USB and send them to you. I would be doing that, but first I have to find someone to get rid of the virus. Give everyone a big hug for me! I miss going to the family reunions.

In relations to college. I am happy at BYU-I, but I also have been thinking about going to Mesa State. Only thing is its super expensive... but they have a good Geology program. Don´t know, just something to think about.

Send a picture of the snake skins! They sound really cool. I got to hold a baby Tambaqui last week. Its a fish. Sounds like Remmi is becoming an expert fishermen. I sure cant wait to have fun with you all again!!

As for the package..
  • Pop tarts
  • Cereal
  • Peppermint patties
  • Body spray

Okay, I love you!! :)

I´lll write more when I think of more to say. 

Sister Chatwin

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