Monday, October 28, 2013

Mailboxes, Parties, and Pending Mission Calls

[Random bits of conversation between Sister Chatwin and her mom; her regular email begins at the fourth paragraph]

We have been working a lot in the bairro de Santa Cruz. It is about an hour walk from where we live in Alvorada. We have been having a lot more sucess there! We are teaching Cristiane and Elane. They are angels! They are reading their Livro de Mormons and praying. Its difficult for them to come to church, but we have rides arranged every week for them from a member that lives just up the street, but they still havent come. We are focusing on different ways to get our investigators to come to church. Its hard because they cant be baptized until they come to church. A miracle happend yesterday. One of our investigators that is very busy, but sincerely wants the gospel came to church when he had told us earlier that week that he couldnt. He stayed for two of the meetings, but didnt feel prepared for this week and left. We are trying to work with him more this week. His name is Hilton.

Today for p-day Veronica is taking Sister Freitas and I too see some of the sight s of Manaus. I am sure she will take some pictures to send to you!! :) :) I love the pictures you guys send me, I especially loved reading Ivy's stories! Elder Zonts wants Ryan to email him or write him back!!!! Just so you know!!! Love you!

Something neat this week. On my flight back from visiting Heather and family before I left for Brazil, I was talking with a lady,Becky, on the plane about missionary work and so on. We have been emailing back and forth periodically. :) It is fun to talk about the gospel with her, she doesnt get on the computer very much but I love when I get email from her and how she tells me she is helping with the work of the Lord! 

My family I love so much!! :)

I love hearing from you every week!  I love hearing how well you all are doing and how the Lord is blessing your lives! :)

I am glad that Shelby is doing well in her mission! I love Remmington too, and just so he knows, it is always hot here. Next month starts the rainy season here, rain rain rain rain and more rain. :) I am excited to see just how much it rains. :) I love the rain storms here!

Goofy goofy daddy! I love that joke, I just wished it translated the same way to portuguese! LOL. Still sleeping on the couch, even when he has his own room?? I think that kid will always sleep on a couch. :) The Work is a good CD to fall alseep too. I miss falling asleep to it, but its okay :) I walk so much it is super easy to fall asleep at night. :)

Yay Sam's club! Eat some pizza and ice-cream for me! :P yum yum. It sounds like the ward social was a lot of fun! The Westerfield's have a great yard for parties. I sure to miss having FHE over at their house! They are a wonderful family and I have a lot of good memories with them! Tell them hi for me! :)

Yesterday at church we had a man visit who runs and english school here with his wife. He is from America, but his wife is brasilian. He doesnt speak very much portuguese, so I got to translate for him while he was trying to communicate with one of the members in the hall. :) It was difficult not to answer him in portuguese. I had to mentally switch to speak in English with him to figure out what he wanted to say to this Sister. I still think in English a lot, and write lots of letters in English, but it sure was different speaking in English. :) I am excited for what it will be like during Christmas!! lol

I cant wait to see where Ryan will be serving the Lord! I really and so super excited for him! One of my old roomates leaves for the MTC this week, I am so super excited for her! I can't wait for Ryan to experiance the same things and for the many oppourtunities he will have to grow!!!!! :) SO exciting. 

Haha, Tiberius got skunked. That is a funny, does Sterling still want to sleep with him? lol How will you get rid of the smell??

I am glad that Ainsley is doing well. :) I would sure come to class if I got a strippling warrior headband! I am glad that you enjoy primary mom! It reminds me of a talk I read this morning. The Words We Speak, Rosemary M Wixon, I like this quote a lot, "May the words we speak and write to our children reflect the love our Heavenly Father has for His Son, Jesus Christ and for us. And then may we pause to listen, for a child is most capable of speaking great and marvelous things in return..." I love you mom!! Thank you mom and dad for your ever-loving example! :) :)

Some scripture that I liked this week, 2 Nephi 32:8-9 ; 33:3-4 :) The Holy Ghost is key in doing the work of the Lord. Each missionary has angles to help in the work of the Lord. When we speak with the Holy Ghost we speak the language of angels. This is such a powerful example as I think of the family members helping me and the strength of their testimonies. If I speak with the Holy Ghost than they are able to speak the things that our investigators need to hear. This amazes me everytime I think of it. :) 

Again I though of Nauvoo this week. Such a special place for so many people. The missionaries there are amazing. They allow so many people to learn and grow in many different ways. I love the feeling of peace as I remember and ponder on my experiences in Nauvoo. :)

I have so much more I want to say to you all, but I am running out of time! :) Just know that I will always love you and will have so many things to talk about during christmas and when I return home! I am excited for the joys in your lives and the experiences that you have each and every week! This life is amazing and we have so many oppourtunities that we are blessed with! Let us help our brothers and sister come to know the  light and joy that they can find in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Read The Hope of God's Light by President Ucthdorf, share something you learned from it with someone you know this week. Remember every member a missionary! We are all missionaries and we share the Gospel every day by our examples and the words we speak. Also, you should read Your Holy Places, by Ann M Dibbs. :) :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Sister Chatwin

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