Monday, October 14, 2013

Only 17 More Shopping Days Till Halloween!

Yay! I am so glad that you got the letters!! :) 

Im anxious to find out who the new Stake President is! I hope Ryans call comes soon!! I am really happy that he found a job! :) Did you guys like the little card I made for him? I though it was so funny and perfect for him! :) 

As for Veronica, I love her family! They are so kind to us, and I am for sure writing their addresses in my notebook incase I get transfered this transfer.  

WOO HOO! Owasso band is the best! Best of luck to you all this coming week! :)

Remmi and I will go to the zoo when I get back. lol :) FOR SURE.  There isnt much to do here in Flores for p-day. We usually clean the house, do our laundry. We have a washing machine, but it takes a really long time to wash clothes. We have a park nearby and one week Sister Freitas and I sat and read conference talks.  In some areas I bet people still do their laundry by hand! The Brasil Manaus Mission contains four different states, and I am sure not all the areas are as well off as Flores is.
I love my scriptures and I am glad that Sister Tillery enjoyed the letter!! It makes me super happy that you all got them. 

As for sending pictures.. I have given up trying on these computers. I have two SD cards with me and I think I will send one when the other is full. Just like warren did when he was on his mission. 

Ivy! Wow. I want to see pictures. :) I bet she is as pretty as a princess!

I dont know about Halloween here, but we did have Dia das Criancas a few days ago. We had a festival at the church for the children, and Sister Freitas brought one of our investigators sons to it. They had a good time. Later that night (Saturday) we had the baptism of Israel. We got to bring the other son of the same investigator this time. 

I agree with you Dad and Susie, its amazing how the gospel changes people. At the same time I marvel at how little of an influence I am in this work. This is the work of the Lord, not of me. The Holy Ghost is the most important part of this work. 

The ward in Flores is mainly a retention ward. We have a lot of inactives, so we have been going through our ward list and knocking on doors and trying to find these people. Usually the person we are trying to find no longer lives there, or the address doesnt exist. But last week we had a sucess! We got to talk to Andre and invited him to come back to church, and he actually came yesterday! He told us that he has been a member for almost a year. It is amazing the infuence missionaries have in the lives of people. I dont notice the influence I have until something like this happens. I merely go throughout my day trying to do the work. Working with our fear or harsh feelings. This work is voluntary and I volunteered to talk with many people who are not interested in this message. When we plan for our days we choose a number that is double the number of investigators we want at the end of the day. For example, if we talk to 8 people, than at least 4 should accept our message... You have to talk with a lot of people if you want the few successes that are out there. 

These past few weeks I got to try some new fruits! 

Jaca - honestly it looks like banana slugs and it just as slimey as them too. It is very sweet, but you really have to get used to the slimeyness.

Bananas galore! You can buy them right of the stock here. I do love my bananas.

Irma Tareza ( mother of Veronica) makes some delicious din din, and juices a lot of mangos and other fruits. YUM.

Also she made some delicious mingau this past week. I want to learn how to make it. 

Almost every kind of soda here is some kind of guarana. They are all good, but I prefer guarana bare and guarana antartica. I am excited to go to the temple when I get back and visit cafe do brasil!! :) 

Yup, lots of yummy food here in Brasil, and the members always tell me to eat more. I am eternally not hungry. Which is a good thing. lol

I love you all so so so so much! :) :)

Remeber to re-read or re-watch conferance talks when you can!! They are so inspiring and I love going over my notes at night and reading new things. 

Last night I read the story of Ruth. I sure do love that story. She is such and example and service and loyalty. I want to be like her! 

One thing that I like in my notes was this, from the talk by Richard G. Scott
 Sincere thourough and clear repentance
 Make convenants and recieve for yourself
 Then for your ancestors
 Share the gospel
 Serve faithfully in all church callings, especially in VT and HT. Be a real friend.
 Serve the members of your own family
 Make the spiritual fortification of you spouse and children a high priority.
 Fill your life with service to others.
 Keep the commandments.
Yup. Conference is great. 

I love my family so my family so much! I bought some fun stickers from a members little shop they have in their home. Madagascar, snow white, and tweety bird. They dont have a lot of stickers here, but I like using them to make my letters to you all more fun! Right now I am using the stickers that came with my notebooks. I have one that I got while I was in the CTM and I bought another one here to write vocab in. It has a bunch of Disney princess stickers in it. 

:) :) :) 

Anywhos, I have 30 minutes left. I will write my letter to Presidente Klein and then if I think of anything else to send I will. :) If I stay in Flores I will buy more time on the computers next week.

:) Ciao, 
Sister Chatwin

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sister Chatwin. Your an inspiration to all of us

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