Monday, October 21, 2013

Return from St. Louis

Hello Dear Family!! 

I am doing well! As for transfers, Sister Freitas and I are staying in Flores! My friend Sister Morales will be arriving tomorrow, I hope I get to see her before she leaves for her new area! She is the one that I met on facebook who lives in Peru. She entered the CTM the day after I left. We always seem to miss eachother, but I hope that I will have the chance to see her this time!! I hope this because we live right by the office where all the new missionarys go when they first arrive.

Im not really sure what other oppourtunities are out there for me. I know that our mission consists of four different states. I really want to serve in the area of Tefe, but I am pretty sure only Elders and Senior couples serve there. :)

The cake was  Sister Freitas idea. I didnt even think about it, and it was funny because when we were making it Irma Tareza was making a fuss of how we didnt need to make a cake every time someone was baptized. She is right, but when Sister Freitas wants to do something, we do it. She is very stiff in the head, but I love her and our Heavenly Father is helping me to understand just how much he loves her too!

I am glad that Owasso did well this year! It sounds like a fun show and I wish I could see it! :) Oklahoma is always represented well! Very good marching bands! It sound like you all had a really fun time in St. Louis! I want to hear all about it.

Veronica is very sweet! She tells us that the rainy season starts in November here. I am excited because when it rains, it rains. :) I love the storms here, but my companion doesnt. It is funny to see her jump every time there is a loud crack of thunder. :) We were doing a service project this week and Irma Susanna put a fake spider in Sister Freitas hands. I never heard her scream so loud, it made me think of all the funny jokes that mom pulls on people. Susannah is a vet, and right now her house has a tick infestation. I sat and killed ticks with the cap on my highlighter for three hours. They are everywhere.

Parabens for Ryan! (quick insert, I love the happy birthday song here. We sang it so loud in the CTM cafeteria for my birthday!) I am so happy for him and super glad that he found another job! Such a blessing. I am still on pins and needles waiting to hear where he will be serving!!! I CANT WAIT MUCH LONGER. 

What a goof he and Remmi are! I think that we should all go to the zoo as soon as I get back! It sounds like a good idea. ....hmmmm I wonder if I should take Remmington with me. Brincando. :) Of course Remmi will come, I also want to go to an aquarium and visit tons of Musuems.  :) 

Love you love you love you and I pray for you all every day! I hope Mommy feels better soon!! :):)

This week I met a Sister that served in your mission dad! She served in 86&87. She doesnt recognize your name, but she was so happy when I told her that you served there! She has so much love for her mission! Her presidents were kennedy and neelman. Sister Varela is here name... Just something cool!

-Quick sidenote
You can post on Facebook and my blog that what I want most is letters from friends that tell me of the blessings they have in their lives. :) You can post this on my wall too! I love this Gospel and I want to hear how it has blessed your life!

And for mom, a small sewing kit would be nice. But she can look at her school emails and put together a list for those who are asking. 

Annnd I would like the address of Sister Johnnelin Pearcy

We were in a hurry today, or in other words Sister Freitas was impatient and I forogt to bring the Liahona with me that had the articles and notes that I wanted to share with you all. Next week I will remember them! I promise!! There were some really good articles and of course I dont remember what they are called or which Liahona they are found in.  Alas is a life saver. June 2013. First off, I love love love the first presidency message, walking in circles. I engouage you to follow the links online and look at the graphs and statistics. Very interesting. Worship the True and living God by Spencer W. Kimball was my favorite. It is a very good talk and I learned a lot from it. Feb 2013 The talk on integrity is  another good one.  I wish I had them with me so I could share some of the quotes and notes that I liked. 

I heard form Elder Zonts today! It is so nice to talk with my friends! It deffinitely brings a huge smile to my face when I hear from them! This is why I would like letters for Christmas, sol isso. :) Letters and reading the blessings of the Gospel. Its perfect.

I hope all stays well with you!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH! I cant wait to see you again!

Sister Chatwin

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