Monday, October 7, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

Thanks Dad!!

I did get to watch conference, even in english! 

It was spectacular! I loved every minute of it and especially when we sang. I couldnt help but think of how cool it was that we were all singing at the same time!! :)

Yup. Her name is Veronica. She leave in November I think. I gave her your facebook name and she is going to try and find you. She took some pictures of me and Sister Freitas that she wanted to send. Her family is the sweetest and they take really good care of us!  [Veronica was called to the Missao Sao Paulo Sul - the same mission in which Kevin served.]

That is really neat that you get to see one of your old bishops in General Conferance!!

I loved conferance so much and I wish that I could tell you all the things that I have learned! :) 

TIGGER. I like the pictures.  :) I think it is really funny that his friends ratted him out! And of all people to mom. lol :) Thanks for all the pictures! I really enjoy seeing them!!

I dont know why I just sent that, because I am not even done... 

My ward is small. The members are really good about feeding us all the time, we are getting to know them better and are trying to work with them more. Many of the messages in this Conferance will help.  We are having family night tonight with Veronica and her family. We will try to bring an investigator with us!

We had a few investigators come to General Conferance yesterday for the last session. One was one we  had never contacted before, but one of the children of another investigator wanted to come and so she brought him. It was neat to see how she said that she wished she had had a paper and pencil to right some notes. I quickly gave her the church website and told her that she could see them again and take the notes she wanted. :)

Life is good. :) As we continue to try and improve ourselves everyday the Lord will bless us. I had and interesting thought yesterday that | would like to share with you all! :) Before we left the CTM the Elders in our district gave us blessings. In this blessing it said something along the lines; He wants and needs to hear from you. He desires to be at your side.  How true is that! The Lord desires to be at each of our sides, to help us grow and learn, to love us when we need the love of our Father in Heaven.  We have a duty to open the door and let him in. I know I want him by my side, but because of our fallen state and our sins he cannot dwell beside us. This is why we have the Atonement! To repent and become clean of our sins so that one day our Father in Heaven can dwell beside us! Some day we will allow him the pleasure of being at our sides!  Luke18:27  

Thinking of this inspires me to follow the example of Jesus Christ. To try and be more obedient and sincere in my daily doings. To live the commandments and obey and seek the blessings which I need. To think that our Saviour is standing at the door anxiously waiting to join us, but unable breaks my heart. I have a new understanding now of how much love our Saviour has for us, for each of his children.

I hope you all are enjoying your time at school, work and band! 

One funny thing, during one of the conference talks it mentioned the comments of a young boy discussing how would you feel if someone promised you something every day, yet never did it. I immediately thought of how I promised Remmington we would go to the zoo before I left on my mission and how we never went. I AM SO SORRY! :) Remmi, keep learning portuguese and during Christmas we can practice! I dont know if he still is, but I remember him saying he wanted to learn so he could talk to me! He can even use my grammer book if he wants!! :) :)

I love you alll so so so so so so so so so much!!! I hope you continue to read your scriptures every day and learn to love those around you! :) I pray for you all the time!!   Know that the Lord loves you all very much!!

-Sister Chatwin

Oh another thing. I love my mommy very much! I thought about her a lot during D. Todd Christoffersons talk. :) Also, if you havent sent my christmas box yet I would love some granola bars... Healthy food is really expensive here, especially granola bars. :) LOVE LOVE!

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