Monday, April 7, 2014

Women's Conference

March 31, 2014

Lol, I got some funny comments on Sunday. Especially about the picture with the frog in your mouth. :) :) I just laugh and tell them that that is our family! I wouldnt change anything about you guys!I sure do love my family. 
Womens conference was great! Although I think I missed out on the significance of a lot seeing as I watched it in Portuguese. Brother Torrie emailed me talking about some of the things President Eyring was saying. lol I thought it was funny. I am still at the point where I can understand, but if I zone out on my own thoughts... boa sorte. lol. I will download it in english and listen to it again. I really loved the video about the importance of the temple in our lives. And also the video of all of the cute kids singing around the world.  :) :) People are just wonderful. 
I am super jealous of Ryan right now. It sounds like he is having the time of his life in Japan. I really want to see his pictures. lol. We sure will have a lot to talk about when we get back. I was thinking about the day when I get to see you all again! It will be such a happy day! I really do love what I am doing here, but I also really really love my family. Even a little bit more now! Today is 8 months on the mission!! Woo hoo! Looking back I am a completely different person now. It is amazing how the Lord changes you for the better.  I am excited to see how a mission will change Ryan too!
Transfers are this Sunday. I think that I will stay here in Vilhena. I hope that my companion stays here too, but we never know. Next transfer is only five weeks, not six. My district leader thinks that I will train next transfer. We will just wait and see! 
I am having so much fun here in Brasil serving people! It really is when you are lost in the service of the Lord that you are the happiest. I learned that lesson this week. We were running back and forth in a rush this week looking for the new furniture for our apartment and waiting to see if the mission office approved what we had chosen. We found a good deal, but seeing as the mission is opening a lot of new areas they are also opening up a lot of new houses. So this week we should finally move with just a washing machiene, fridge, and beds. We will be buying the rest of the furniture little by little. I am just happy that we will finally be moving to our new apartment. It is so much closer to our area and everthing else that we need. Right now we are walking at least 3 hours a day to get to our area and back to our house. It is really taking a toll on our bodies, and this last week was even more because we walked to literally every furniture shop in the center of town. Hence, we didnt really get time to visit people like we normally do. Not serving others, really lets the stress of a mission enter in. I know my limits and we were definitly hitting them this past week. BUT all that should be over soon. (Mom, this is why I really want that exercise dvd. I need something to help me start my day calmly. We walk so much here that if I do any other exercise my body is dying by the end of the day) 
As always, the Lord is wonderful. He is always there to help us when we need it most and through other people too. I am so greatful for the oppourtunities that we have to listen to the words of a prophet and apostles this weekend. ( and to have a break from playing piano on sundays) :) I enjoy playing, but we dont have the keys to the chapel so we have to walk at least an hour to arrive in the branch presidents house where they have a keyboard. Yup. We walk a lot here. I think that is is funny. Warren got a car on his mission, Ryan gets a bike, and I get my own two legs. :) Its a good thing that I dont mind walking.  I think it will be strange not to walk to the chapel when I get back to the states, but then again I will gladly take up driving again! I will never take a car for granted in my life again. They are such a blessing. :D

Love you all, but sadly I am out of time! Enjoy General conference and know that I pray for you all every day!
Such a lucky girl to have my family! :) :)
Sister Chatwin

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