Monday, April 7, 2014

Greetings From the Land of Wacky Weather!

March 10, 2014

Hello beloved family! :) 
First off, Liene. She was an investigator of mine in Porto Velho. She is super sweet and it was hard to say goodbye to her. I didnt bring her email address with me today... Could you tell her HI for me?

WOO HOO! I cant wait to see  and hear all about Sterlings trip to Ireland! He is going to have a blast!
I am so happy that you all went to the temple! I am so exited to got to the temple with you all when I get back! It will be great. :)
GO MOM! SHE REALLY IS THE BEST!! I am super duper proud of my mommy! You really put your heart into your teaching. :) I think that you are the best teacher in the whole world! Happy early anniversary! 
Stake presidents are the best! Its been a long time since I have eaten tamales... I dont know that I could say I have a favorite food here in Brasil. There are just too many that I like.


Tastiest food: One of the Elders in our district made a cake. It was pretty tasty. Also we got to drink a lot of Terere this week. The Elders in my district love it. Its funny because we are always trading or buying lime juice for eachother. I have a pretty fun district here in Vilhena.
The cake likes me, but the terere.. We always seem to drink it in the evening or right before bed... therfore it is hard to sleep during the night because I am literally going to the bathroom every five minutes because I drank too much. I think one night this week Sis. Olivera and I drank four liters before bed. That was a mistake. lol. I sat at the kitchen table for awhile while she was sleeping. I did my Tinker bell puzzle and then colored in  my My Little Pony coloring book.
Funniest and most embarissing things... I really dont remember..
Most important thing I learned this week... to love what you do and who you do it with. That is the key in everything we do. I have learned to much from the people of Brasil on how and what love is.
My favorite scripture... 1 Nephi 8:12
While reading this chapter I put all of  your names in. It was super good to study. I am loving reading the Book of Mormon again. I am learning so so much. I am really practicing on listening to the Spirit while I read so a few times this week I was prompted to re-read a few chapters before moving on. I think I read at least one of them four or five times, and I learned something new each time. This time through I am paying special attention to what  the Book of Mormon teaches about sacrifices. I mark those in a special color and then I mark in two other colors blessings and the things of the Lord. It is incredible how a dedicated study can open your mind to new things.
Sounds like a really neat video Dad! I just watched it. I didnt hear anything he said because I dont have headphones, but it looks wonderful! It make me love that I am out here in a different country learning so many different things and making so many friends in the gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly a blessing, not matter what language. It just made me want to travel the world and learn every language so that I could communicate with so many people. :) :)
Well I love you all so very very much! I too pray for you every night! :) You all are the greatest family I could have!
-Sister Chatwin

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