Monday, April 7, 2014

Hi Kiddos

March 24, 2014

HEHE. I think that this is the best letter ever.  LOL. I sure do love you guys!
Today Sister Olivera and I will be looking for the new furniture for our apartment. Since we are the first sisters here in Vilhena we had to find a new place to live. It will be fun. I will also be looking for a new pillow.. The one the mission gave me is now trash and for the past few weeks I have been using a random stuffed animal that we found in the Elders house. I am beyond excited to get a new pillow.
Meanwhile in the Elders house...  The electricity falls all of the time. Especially when you are taking a hot shower. lol. Anyways, Saturday it fell for good. We had an electrician come and look at the black box or whatever you call it.. because when we were flipping the switch  to turn the lights back on, sparks started coming out.  The cable was burnt. So he temporarily fixed it to where we have electricity in half of our house. Going to the bathroom is fun.. its pitch black in there. And our showers for now are super cold.. but all is well. Hopefully we will be moving into our new apartment later this week.
Its a bummer that the school hours are changing again. I remember how annoying that was.  And even sadder that the jeep is gone. I am going to come home to a bunch of new cars.
Remmi sure is a smart pumpkin.

This thursday we are haveing a branch activity. They are having a movie night, well we were in the meeting last night and they were trying to decide which movie to watch. It started out with Thor 2, but all of the women were worried about the violence.. etc.  Then  (this is the sad part) The Irmao suggested Ta Chovendo Hamberguers 2. CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2. Yup. They are watching the movie I have been dying to see. I love that lots of people here have watched the first one and loved it. Its just sad, because I know that in portuguese it probably lost a lot of the humor from the puns etc. Either way, the activity will be cool and I hope that all of our investigators and less actives will come!
Sounds like church was good yesterday!

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