Monday, February 24, 2014

Sister Chatwin Get Transferred Again!!!

Hi Family!

Haha, it is true I am getting transfered. I leave at five p.m. today. It is a 12 hour bus ride. Its going to be fun! I am excited to be going there, everyone says that it is a really nice place. :) Vilhena was a part of the Brasil Cuiba Mission, but now it is in ours. Hahaha, my last companion (Sister Rocha) is still in Flores, so she gets to know all about transfers ahead of time. I am guessing that she told Tereza. :) It makes me laugh that you all know ahead of time that I am getting transfered. LOL.

I hope tigger has a lot of fun in Ireland. He should take lots of pictures. It will be a super fun vacation!

Hehehe. That makes me laugh dad! I can see it happening too [One funny for the week: I was sitting on the sofa with mom watching Women's Figure Skating.  During one skater's super fast spin, I said "Good thing she doesn't have a glass eye!"  I could just see the thing (or even dentures) being overcome by centrifugal force and taking out a judge or the TV camera!!!]. I miss watching the winter olympics, I am glad that there are so many great examples of good young women!

GOOD NEWS. I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese this week. It was great! I love that book so much. I remember when I first started in the CTM when I read a verse in English and then in Portuguese, then when I got to the field I was looking up words in my dictionary as I read and then I just left my dictionary behind all together (literally I left it in Manaus in one of my boxs). I loved reading it and being drawn in to the different stories. I wish that everyone of my investigators would sit down and read the entire book. If you read by the Spirit, you will know that it is true even before you are done!

I have a bunch of letters to send, but I havent had time to go to the post office yet. 

As for the flooding, it is still raining here and the river is still flooding homes. There are some parts of my area here that we couldnt visit this week because the roads were flooded. But ´people are so willing to help. We stopped by the Catholic church by our house to help sort clothes, shoes etc.. for a little bit. I would have liked to go and help more, but things just didnt work out to where that could happen. 

I really dont like packing. It seems like I gain more things every transfer. I really wish I brought a backpack like mom suggested... :P More than that, I dont like transfers ( I actually love them) just dont like leaving people and the friends I have made. But that is part of the package, learning to love people and then leave them. Brasilians are such a loving people.. It is hard to describe how much I have learned to love because of them. :D I sure will hate saying goodbye in a year. It will be the worst, yet best day in my life, because I will get to see my family again!!

Keep reading and praying as a family every night (it does miracles).

-Sister Chatwin

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