Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nice Weather but Cold!

Hi mom! 

Things are great, but busy as normal. My companion is actually the Senior companion. She served nine months in the states, she is good, but she just doesnt know how to relax. Therefore p-days are always really super stressfull. She knows portuguese, she just wont let her head think in portuguese. But all in all we work well together and have a lot of fun. Anyways transfers are this next week and I think that I will probably leaving. President Klein always likes to leave newbies in their first area until they are used to the way brazil works. 

Something neat, if you look on the internet the Rio Madeira ( which is right by where I live) is flooding because of all of the rain that we are having. We had a big meeting yesterday to figure out how the church can help and what we can do. SO for now we are just waiting to be told how we can better help. There are a lot of people who~s homes have flooded and the rainy season shouldnt stop until April. If it keeps raining, then by April they expect that the the river will rise twenty meters and reach the bairro where we are living right now, Sao Joao Bosco.
Our lunch yesterday drove us down to see it and I got some good pictures. In the streets that are flooded there are people who are selling boat rides. It is the new tourist attraction. It is the first time the river has flooded in 100 years like this. 

We found some cool new people this week. The Elders gave us a reference, and little did we know they accidently put the neighboors house number instead of the people we were actually trying to see. It turned out great for us. We had a really good lesson with the neighboor and are excited to go back and see them. Only thing is that it is a little bit of a walk from our house. 

Speaking of which, when I  get back we should go camping and I could go on those really long hikes with you and your students. I only need my chacos. Walking without them is just not the same. lol, my feet are so used to them, that if I walk around in flip flops it feels really weird. 

I forgot all about having people sign my bag..... yup.

Saw some cool bugs this week. Some of the ones that look like thorns, another white one that looked like a skeleton, some long horned beetles that like to fly infront of your face. Also I acidently walked into some ants and one of them released the attack pheremone so they all started biting my foot. When I got them all off we kept walking and then we stoped, because sister larson wanted to pick some star fruit. Well there were more ants there and they all started biting be again. It was funny and didnt hurt that bad. I also saw this really cool butterfly, it was black and lime green. It was really big (saw it on remmis birthday) and I almost caught it. I just didnt grab close enough to the body and it ripped a little corner off of its wing and flew away. It was sad.

But that was my week, I am going to read dads email now! I might have more to say there. 


Sister Chatwin

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