Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

I am so excited that youth conference will be in Nauvoo. We were watching some of the church history movies, and I really just love all of the learning experiences the saints had in Nauvoo. :) It really is a wonderful place!

Sterling driving? I hope he has improved a lot since that time he drove me around the parking lot in the jeep... Maybe he can drive me home from the airport in 6 months. That´s how it was when Warren got home from his mission, I got to drive him somewhere because I hadnt been driving before he left for his mission.

I bet mom and Remmi just had the time of their lives. I always loved my adventures with mom. :) She is a good travel buddy.

Send some rain our way! Once again it is summer time here, and it´s the worst. The sun can be so stinking hot. Like it is super super super hot during the summers here. It really stinks walking outside all day in this heat.

So this week we got to do some divisions. I feel like I spent more time on the bus than I did walking around on my feet. One of the sisters had to go to the hospital to pick up her x-rays and then talk about the results. Her area was so super far from the hospital. When we finally got back, I never wanted to step foot on a bus again. The bus we took was packed full of people, like sardines in a can. Sweaty gross people. Think about crowd surfing, and then doing that in a bus. Trying to get through the center aisle was death. Everytime someone moved I got squished and I only had one hand to try and hold on and not fall on the man that was sitting on the step beside me. I covered my arm in germ-x after we got off because of all the sweaty people that we squished against me. I am so glad that we have cars, and that the mass transportation is not by bus in the states.

The other area where we did divisions if full of hills. Not tame lame sauce hills,but calf killing hills. My legs were sore the next morning. There is a hill in our area that is huge and we call it death hill, but after visiting santa marta, death hill is tiny. In santa marta there is a hill where they had to cut of the top and re-level it, because the cars couldn't make it to the top. 

Our baptism this week fell through. His mom didn´t let him be baptized. It was really sad and we tried to do everything. This little boy was so excited, the only problem is that the mom is not letting him right now. We even brought our amazing ward mission leader, who still teaches like he is a missionary and we couldnt get the form signed. His mom just didnt want to come out of her room and talk to us.  We are going to be creative in trying to talk to her this week and see if we can´t help her understand a little more about the gospel. 

I am loving my mission and the things that I am learning. I love teaching the gospel, to the members and investigators. I love giving talks in church and sharing my testimony every fast sunday. I love playing the piano, conductiong, helping out in classes and what ever I am asked to do. I love being here in Brasil! 

Love you all! 
Sister Chatwin 

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