Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Updates from Sister Chatwin

Greetings from Sister Chatwin!  What follows is a series of excerpts from her first emails to her family (one shortly after her arrival in Brasil last week and three today August 7, 2013).

July 31, 2013:
Hello Familia,
today has been busy and this is just to tell you \I am well. I love it here, we got to walk around the city today. \the \mtc is not by the temple. \we tried caramalized coconut. these keyboards are weird. I love you all so much and I am very greatful to be here. the food is good. i learned how to pray in portuguese at dinner. everyone is either spanish or brazilian. welp, i have a lot of work to. i will talk next week. some computuers are not working and we only get ten minutes so i might have to get off and let someone else use it. silly boys, my camera is charging as we speak, did not have a chance to take any pictures yet. i really do love you guys and i love it here. Got to go! Love love love,
Sister Chatwin
August 7, 2013:

P-day is on wed. We went to the temple this morning and it was absoulutely beautiful! I can't believe that dad was there too. The temple is smaller than I though it was, but it is sooo pretty inside. Sis. Sperry is my comp. She is in the pink skirt in the pic you got. You should be getting a pic of my district at the temple sometime soon. I got sick on monday. the doctor says I have a small virus. I;m okay, but getting up in the mornings and eating brakfast has been hard. My district all laughed at me-we laugh at everything- but it really was funny, because I was reading in the book of mormon about how Joseph Smith was weak from seeing the angel Moroni all night. It was right then that I got up and told my comp that I was going to be sick and proceeded to throw up in the banheiro. haha. I bore my testimony on Sunday in portuguese. It was scary,but I wrote on my paper for the branch president that I was going to do it, so I HAD to do it. I am so incrediby greatful to be hear! My portuguese is coming along well, I still need lots of practice though. I love you all so much and I pray for you too! I;m going to read your other email now and reply to that one too.
Ciao, Sister Chatwin

Nah, I don't need the blue shirt. A sweater would be nice in Sao Paulo right now, but I won't need one in Manaus. Everyone tells me it is really hot in manaus. I;m soo sorry you had to clean my room again, but I am glad that remmi is ready to  move in! Ahhh, I have to tell you. Fast sunday was so great! My favorite thing that was said was Nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. I love that story of Peter and Christ. So our second day here we started teaching lessons in portuguese. It was so stressful the first day, but as the days go on I learn more and the language is getting easier.  We have taught  every day since then. My teacher is Irmao Allen. He is such a goof. He also sounds like Luigi. :) There are so many jokes in our district. We have a lot of fun together. All the cars here are like the ones you see on top gear. Its fun. In the pic they sent when you when I arrived the elder in the middle is Elder Sprouse, he is our district leader and also the one who gave me a blessing on monday. The really tall Elder is Elder Wood. He is so funny and weird. The last Elder is Elder Wilson, he is the one serving in Manaus. Anyways, I really do love it here in the CTM. It is so wonderful, but the days all mesh together. We get up eat breakfast go to study, have class, more study, dinner, more study etc. We work 16hrs a day! Everyone here is either hispanico or brasilero. So meals are fun to try and figure out what every one else is saying. :) Love love,  I think I just got an email from you so I will check, maybe we can talk.
 Ciao, Sis. Chatwin

Okay, so it wasn't you is was Alejandra. But as I was saying, I love the spirit you can feel here. It is so strong and powerful. I learned so many new things in the temple today. There is a great spirit of learning. My district takes care of me and are always making sure I am feeling better throughout the day. My comp. Sister Sperry, reminds me of mom. Always busy, and worrying about things that need to  be worried about. But she is great and we work well together! On the days we get to exercise we either play volei ball or baket ball, my right arm has this nasty purple bruise on it from the volei ball. I am glad Ryan got a job! THAT is great news! I love you all soo much, but I think that I need to let other people use it now, there are a lot of people waiting in the hall. I love it here and I am excited for Manaus, I love learning and meeting new people. I love all of you back home, I pray for you and hope that you do well and are enjoying your life. I miss you guys, but I stay so busy I dont have time to worry about you! HAHA :) I would love to hear from more people, but just know that I think you are wonderful. :) OH, I have two brazilian roomates, they are the best! It is fun to try and speak about different things with them! Sister Rodriquez is 32 the other is SIster Buenas. THey are fun.. Today we are getting 32ish americans here at the CTM, most of them are coming from the provo MTC, so we might get some new people in our district. God is always with us and I am so greatful for all of your prayers. If there is one thing I have learned here it is that God is loveing. We are never truly alone and if we study His word we can better get to know Him. ...... Sidetrack. So sister Christoffersen and I met in the Atlanta Airport. WE were the only missionaries on the flight to brazil. It was funny though because we were sitting in the airport and a huge group of missionaries starts walking our way, but they walked straight past us and we got super disappointed. It was funny though because we were really hoping that we were going to get to meet some more missionaries going to the CTM. Our district all met up at the airport. The streets are crazy, but it is so beautiful here! I won't be able to send any pictures because we are only allowed to take them on p-day, and we can't bring them outside of the CTM. The food is good, they have dessert with every meal. I try and eat the meat that is given to me, but I can't stand it sometimes. haha.  Have ryan or brother torrie try and find an MTC devotional given May 11 2010 by Elder Holland. We watched it last night for devo and it truly was so insipiring. It would be a great thing for the kids in mission prep to watch. :) I really truly love it here. I do.  Eu se que o livro de mormon es verdadero e o profeta Thomas S. Monson es amoroso e poderoso. I don't know about the spelling of that, but they keyboards are weird here. They have some of the brasilian characters on them, but they do they same thing as on american keyboards.  I don't know it they made sense. Anyways I love you all so so so so so so so so so so very much!
SIster Chatwin (Who is loving Brasil, eventhough she is sick) :) :) :)

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