Thursday, August 22, 2013

Savannah Rae - Week of August 19

Hello Family!!! :)
I am getting the hang of things here! :) My grammer is awful, but I can get a point across when I want to. Two more weeks till I'm off to Manaus!!! :) I am excited, one of the teachers here served in Manaus and today while we were at the Campinas temple he was telling us about all the good food they feed us when we first get to the presidents house. In relation to the Sao Paulo temple, the MTC is about 30-40 minutes away? The CTM is on Casa Verde, if that helps at all... I am glad that you get pictures of my district every week. I really enjoy it, because I always think of you when they take them! Thank Sister Tillery for the letter she sent. I enjoyed reading how the ward was doing! Will you ask Brother Murnan what the symbolism of the number eight is? THanks. Today is been a good day!! Yesterday was devotional and I really enjoyed it. It was a talk by Elder Bednar. In it he told us to listen to what the Spirit was telling us and take notes on that instead of what he was saying. Well, I listened and took a whole bunch of notes! Like 4 pages worth. I will try and write them down and send them to you next week. Just know that it was really inspiring. I got a lot of advice for my mission and some things that I can do to help me. I really enjoyed reading in Luke 18 this week. I love the part where Christ says suffer the children to come unto me. :) I also enjoyed verse 27, all things are possible through the Lord. Thank you so much for taking me to Nauvoo! I have such a fond love of that place, and the spirit that we felt that will always have a special place in my heart. I find such strength from the example of Joseph Smith and the early saints. I love reading about them, and I always grow from the amount of faith they had in the Lord. I love you all so much! I'm going to read the letter from the boys now!
Hugs from Brasil!
Sister Chatwin :) :)

I am super excited to hear about your band show. I think its really funny, because my district always says that our teacher sounds like Luigi when he speaks english. Needless to say I laughed out loud! :) Pop tarts are good, that definitly makes it easier to get to seminary. Tell Bro. Mawby to tell Kaeli hello for me!! Love you so much lady killer.
xoxo- Sister CHatwin
Way to go on your lessons! I totes agree that not presenting the lessons exactly as they are in the book is really difficuly. My companion and I still struggle with doing it, but I know that when we teach just what our investigator is interested in it is a whole lot more powerful! Advice, ask some questions to get to know your investigator first. WHat they care about, what is hard in their life. WHen you know what they are struggling with you can easily find which message to share with them. When you teach with the Spirit, it is one of the most powerful experiences you can have. My teacher drew a diagram for us, I'll draw it in the letter I send to dad... probably next week.
Love you!!!!|
Sister Chatwin
Hello my little Mr. Bean.  Your 7th hour teacher sounds way cooler that my 7th hour teacher was when I was in 6th grade. I love you. How is school going? Do you get to see any friends from church or north east during the day?
You are awesome. I think of you every time I see the cars here! It reminds me of Top Gear. I saw a really weird range rover today on the way to the temple.
Love you lots,
Sister Chatwin
Sister Chatwin

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