Monday, September 23, 2013

The Adventure Continues...

Taylor will make a great missionary! I am glad that he is serving!! Which MTC is he going too again(insert question mark). 

I am so glad that Ryan is serving a mission. I am on pins and needles waiting to find out where he will serve! I am so glad that he is preparing. Sharing this gospel changes people, and the most important person is yourself. When you come to understand the importance of the first principles and ordaninces of the gospel, you realize more about the sanctity of your calling and your role as a representative of your Saviour Jesus Christ every day. 

I wrote you guys a letter this week! I will send it today!!! I am super excited for you all to get it! It was late one night and I was thinking about the chapters again in Matthew where the Saviour is crucified. His example is the best. I love to observe the way he acts and speaks in these chapters. It gives me a good example of how I can be a better example in my life.  Anyways somewhere in Matthew it refers to the story of Jonah. I made a cute little drawing for you guys to illustrate what I learned from the story of Jonah and the Atonement.

I hope you didnt have the urge to pee on any of the fire hydrants. I love our ward and how well they support the community. They are deffinitely good representatives! 

We have a little air conditioner that we turn on when we sleep. Its really not too bad, and even when it doesnt work I can still sleep because I am so exhausted. This week there was a companionship that was having some problems, so for now I am in a trio for the rest of this transfer. Sister Freitas and I get along very well with Sister Pereira. They are both brasileiras, so I learn a lot from them. We can get a lot accomplished when we put our minds to it. It can be difficult sometimes though because they like to talk and I dont, but I dont mind! Its only hard because we have really long lunch appointments and we dont always have time for language study every day. I think I will wake up a little earlier to do a little studying of my own so I can keep progressing. 

Speaking of lunch appointments. Our lunch appointment we had on Sunday fed us an incredible amount of food. When you thought you were done they pulled out more food and served you in huge amounts. Ive never ate so much in my life before. Seriously, I ate so much I had to go relieve myself in the bathroom because I felt sick from eating. 

I miss the rain, it hasnt rained a lot here. Sister Freitas said I would never need my rain jacket in this area. She has been right so far.  I do use my umbrella for the sun, and every one tells me I need to wear more sunscreen. I do use it, just not often enough.

I really hope that you guys get to come here to pick me up! I would love to show you all around and it would be so special to have you guys in the temple with me!! I know that it would be super special for dad to be in Brasil again! I would love to hear him tell me all about some of the different places. It would be so much fun!

Flores is hot hot hot. The members are super friendly and always feed us. We almost always have lunch appointments, but breakfast and dinner are on our own. My companions dont cook, so we usually have bread and butter for these two meals. Which is fine, but I am getting tired of bread. They eat very simply here. Usually we have cereal or something else for breakfast, but we had zone conference last weekend and all the sisters that stayed in our house ate all of our food. So now we are skimming by until we get more money. 

there is more soap in the box I left. It says where it was from on the package, I dont remember the name of the website. Also, that other towel would be nice. One of the mission rules here is to change your sheets and towel every week. Its not a big problem because I hand wash it and it dries quickly, but it would just be something nice. I would also like some Reeses Pieces, but dont feel like you have to put them in. I dont want this package to be super expensive for you guys!

This week Sister Freitas collapsed on our way to an appointment. Talk about extremely terryfing. I dont even know portugues that well. I was extremely greatful for our third companion. We went to the hospital after the elders came and gave her a blessing at the house some stangers let us into. She has a problem with her heart and she needs medicine. We had an appointment set for 8 this morning, but she is extremely stubborn and wouldnt get out of bed and keeps saying that she doesnt need it. ugh. She says she will set up another appointment and I will make sure of that. She told us it was the second time she had collapsed while on her mission. When she wouldnt get up this morning, I made sure to be just at little noisy while getting ready. I know she has her agency, but I really wanted her to get up and go to that appointment. It also made me think of the gospel and the ordinances that pertain to our salvation. We know of them and many of us have been taught them for a good part of our lives, but do we really keep them and treat them with the proper respect they deserve(question mark). Just as our hearts are necessary for our bodies to work, so are the ordinances we follow for our eternal salvation. If you look up ordinances in the topical guide it lists them. I really like the bible dictionary definition of Repentance. The gosel is vital for our salvation. We were celestial beings before this life, and it is vital that we give our spirits the proper nutrition they need. That is to understand and know the truths of the gospel. The scriptures are a great place to learn more about these truths.

We were speaking with a lady in a drug store this week. She was asking about our name tags and so on. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and a phamplet about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She said that it was what she has been looking for and that she liked that she could use this book to guide her life by living correct principles. It was neat to see how the Lord has prepared people and when we do our part he blesses us, by helping us do his work. That is important to learn, this is his work, not ours. Everything we have been blessed with is because of our Father in Heaven. 

I really do love being here. It may be frustrating sometimes not knowing everthing about the language, and not always having people to teach. But I make sure and always write letters during the week to uplift and strengthen my friends who are serving missions as well.


Sister Chatwin

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